In this crazy 21st century, us millennial women have more life to juggle than any generation of gals that came before us. While many of our rights are still under attack and we still fight to have our opinions considered by our male counterparts, we are seeing the progress of feminism in our modern world.

Away from our jobs (or businesses), homes and relationships, we all need a sacred space to detox, fuel up and prepare for our next takeover. Fashionably Frank is this space. We live with inspired closets and honest, truthful values - and see the intersection. We are women who live fearlessly, with guts, grit, grace and an unwavering loyalty to the empowering label of "girlboss".

We grow through each other. We heal with each other. We cheer each other on. We believe that we're #bettertogether and that #communityovercompetiton is all that matters. We all choose different paths for our lives and careers, but we all individually end up becoming the supergirls we always wished we would be, floating through our childhood homes with those bright red capes that we made out of blankets. We're making this planet a better place one badass #girlboss at a time.