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Kathryn is a 24 yr. old social media guru hailing from Olympia, Washington. She owns and operates the digital marketing agency, Fashionably Frank Marketing and co-leads a female business networking collaborative group in her hometown.

Kathryn believes a cup of coffee is the answer to life's problems and that all women should embrace the #girlboss mantra.


the other half.

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Emma is a 25 yr. old flight attendant extraordinaire from Vancouver, Washington. She loves her job serving a major airline and jet-setting for a living.

Emma lived and worked in London for 1.5 years. On her days off, she has a serious love of embroidery, leisurely travel and some darn good breakfast food.

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creative consultant

Frankie is Emma's beautiful black pug - the newest addition to the FF family. Frankie provides content ideas, manages the website's visuals and makes sure everything stays on track.

Frankie is a gluten-free connoisseur and loves watching RuPaul's Drag Race on repeat!

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I consider myself a liberal, spiritual person with the debating ‘tude of an aggressive right-winger. Meditation and self-worth is my religion. I’ve discovered God and believe that the situations throughout my life have been too coincidental for there not to be a higher power helping me along my path.

I am ESFJ in the Jung-Myer Briggs personality test and a CS thinker within the Gregorc thinking style delineator. In other words: I am an overly-organized, point-by-point thinker with a sentimental, soft side that is always there to care for the ones around me who may not interpret events exactly the way I do. Through my marketing biz, I utilize my deep interest (and years of study) in social and positive psychology to positively affect the lives of others and their do-good businesses.

I am learning how to say: “I was wrong,” more & more every day. I am quick with words, witty, an extremely fast thinker and have the mouth of five sailors! In all my quirkiness, I’m sentimental, compassionate, funny (if I do say so myself) and pride myself on the fact that I'm often said to be quite “old-souled". I believe our multiple selves (it's a psychology thing!) are always imperfect and should always be changing & evolving for the better.

Thank you for being here. I can’t wait to get to know you!



I was born in Fresno, California in May of 1994, which means I’m 25 and a Gemini. I was adopted by two wonderful parents at 6 weeks old. I currently reside in Olympia, Washington with my boyfriend, Jared, close by my parents.

Ever since I was five years old, I’ve loved the sport of figure skating. The grace, the thrill, the artistic elements of sentimentality and emotion. In March of 2007, I discovered my idols Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov, Olympic and World Russian champions. The tragic yet iconic story of this duo opened my eyes and exposed me to a much brighter life than I was in, previously facing an unwelcoming school environment and excessive bullying.

I’m a minority. Not only am I a woman, but also Latina and LGBTQ. While some may not choose to call themselves "a minority" or consider this a deep part of who they are, I strongly pride myself on being a triple-threat and hold tightly to my roots of resilience, while at the same time, I am very aware that I also hold white-and-straight-passing privilege and strive to use my privilege to make a difference every single day.

I opened my own business at the age of 21 and co-founded a local networking group of 150+ female entrepreneurs at 22. If you knew me well, you'd know this was the furthest future my parents and friends could've expected for me as the shy, lost child that couldn't leave the house thanks to a severe anxiety disorder. I own & operate a digital marketing agency, Fashionably Frank Marketing by day and co-lead the Oly Girlboss Collective by night.

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I was born in Upland, California in August of 1993. I’m 26 and a Leo! After nearly two years of studying abroad in London, England, I came home to reside near my parents in Vancouver, Washington, along with my new black pug pup Frankie, Lead Creative Consultant here at Fashionably Frank. In 2017, I became a flight attendant with a major airline, so I am usually out & about traveling. I submit my blog posts to Kathryn every week, no matter where I am in the world: Maui with a drink in my hand or Alaska with frozen toes.

I’ve been gluten-free ever since I discovered that I have Celiac disease. My mom also has Celiac; I inherited it from her. She’s always been encouraging to me and has taught me how to lead a healthy lifestyle even with our condition. This fuels my passion for nutrition and educating others.

In addition to Frankie, I currently have a total of three pets (none of which have animal names–they’re all members of our human family!): Fat Louie the cat and the dogs: Frankie and Kevin (+ the late dog Molly and Felix the hedgehog). Animals have always been part of my life and throughout the years my family has had goats, rabbits, chickens, hamsters, even geese!

I was born with strabismus and had to see an optometrist every 3 months as a child. Strabismus is an eye condition that causes one eye to look different from the other. A lack of muscle control causes one to appear crossed. I went through two surgeries to tighten & strengthen my eye muscles.

I’m half English and half American. My mom was born in Washington State and my dad is from Essex. Growing up with dual citizenship, my love for travel grew. To date, I have visited: London, France, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada and so much more.


I graduated in 2013 from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WashingtonMy area of emphasis was health science and my dream is to one day become a nutritionist. A few of my hobbies on the side include embroidery, DIY and cosplay.

I am an ENFP in the Jung-Myer Briggs personality test and an AR thinker within the Gregorc thinking style delineator. In other words: I’m a good listener with a big imagination that enjoys working in groups and can work my way out (or into) just about anything. Driven by a people-oriented focus, I hope to help others through the field of nutrition, wherever my career may lead.

Although I get distracted easily and it’s hard for me to reorient myself to the task at hand, I’m very enthusiastic about the projects I dedicate time to and consider myself a motivated individual when I find the right passion in something. I view myself as an empathetic, loyal person with lots of items to cross off my bucket list! Oh, and… I secretly wish I was a drag queen.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to chatting with you in the comments :)