Hi doll! Fashionably Frank has been the most important journey I’ve indulged in over the past 4 years + I’m so glad you decided to pop over here + read about the gal behind it. If you haven't, you should also check out my co-writer Emma’s bio.

I was born in Fresno, California in May of 1994, which means I’m 23 + a Gemini. I was adopted by two wonderful parents at six weeks old. I currently reside in Olympia, Washington with my boyfriend, Jared, close by my parents + our fuzzy, 8 year old black Labrador adoptee, Mocha.

Ever since I was five years old, I’ve loved the sport of figure skating. The grace, the thrill, the artistic elements of sentimentality + emotion. In March of 2007, I discovered my idols Ekaterina Gordeeva + Sergei Grinkov, Olympic + World Russian champions. The tragic + iconic story of this duo opened my eyes + exposed me to a much brighter life than I was in, previously facing an unwelcoming school environment + excessive bullying.

Maybe you guessed from my Instagram, but: I’m very passionate about food! I love it all. All my life I’ve been pescetarian (that’s a person who eats seafood meat, but no other forms of poultry/red meats), + in early 2017, I was diagnosed as being in the early stages of a hypothyroid condition (+ even close to diabetes). That day, I made the choice to reduce my intake of gluten for my health. Therefore, most of the recipes in my “Food & Cooking” category will be healthy, delicious, meat-and-gluten-free!

I’m not picky about my taste in music. I adore Macklemore (you'll rarely catch me without my M&RL crewneck sweatshirt) + I idolize The Beatles + Michael Jackson. Adele, Jewel + Leona Lewis are a couple soft favorites. If someone were to ask me to name the song that best sums up myself, I would tell them it's Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now". Even though I was in school choir for years + am convinced I’m a great singer while in the car or the shower: I’m really not that stellar. Let me live in blissful ignorance!

I’m a photography junkie–I snap photographs wherever I go. Nature, animals, portraits, places, objects, travel + more famously known by my friends: FOOD. I have a keen eye + love lots of colors. I currently use a Canon Rebel T3 model for all blog post photos + love Instagramming photography with my iPhone 7 Plus.

Kathryn Coffman Fashionably Frank Bio

I consider myself a super-liberal, spiritual person (almost to a fault) with the debating ‘tude of an aggressive right-winger. Meditation + self-worth is my religion. I’ve found strong faith in God + believe that the situations throughout my life have been too coincidental for there not to be a higher power helping me along my path, however I acknowledge this as a personal belief + don’t intend to make FF readers feel uncomfortable on the topic.

I am ESFJ in the Jung-Myer Briggs personality test + a CS thinker within the Gregorc thinking style delineator. In other words: I am an overly-organized, point-by-point thinker with a sentimental, soft side that is always there to care for the ones around me who may not always interpret events exactly the way I do. I own + operate a digital marketing agency, Fashionably Frank Marketing + utilize my deep interest in psychology/the human condition to positively affect the lives of others + their do-good businesses.

I am learning how to say: “I was wrong,” more + more every day. I am quick with words, witty, an extremely fast thinker + have the mouth of FIVE sailors! In all my quirkiness, I’m incredibly sentimental, compassionate, funny (if I do say so myself) + I pride myself on the fact that I'm often said to be “old-souled.” I believe our multiple selves (... don't ask. It's a psychology thing) are always imperfect + should always be changing + evolving for the better.

Thank you for being here. I can’t wait to get to know you!
Please shoot me an email + tell me your story, along with what what brought you here today.