meet sera



Heyo! I got this amazing opportunity to intern for Fashionably Frank in the beginning of September 2017! I’m looking forward to learning new things + I hope that you all can see me as not just an intern, but also a part of the team. If you haven't, you should also check out Kathryn & Emma's bios.

I was born in Japan in January of 2000, meaning I am currently 17 + a Capricorn. Being born into a military family, I’ve gotten the chance to travel all around the world: Japan, Germany, Georgia (USA) + Washington State. With that being said, I currently reside in Lacey, Washington with my parents, my sister, two cats + a dog.

I am half Japanese and half American. My mother, who is Japanese, + my father, who is American, met each other while my father was stationed in Japan. My sister + I have been exposed to both English + Japanese since we were young, + because of frequently hearing it + our parents encouraging us to speak, we are able to speak fluently in both languages.

Being a part of two worlds rocks! Because my parents are from two different cultures, I’ve had many opportunities to participate in cultural activities, one of them being Taiko. Taiko is a type of Japanese drumming + each region in Japan has their own style + technique. I didn’t get to do Taiko from my region, but I did get the chance to join a Taiko group here Washington State where they do Okinawan Taiko. They are very different from mainland Japan, but it’s so fun to do + the group has become like a second family to me.

Art is my life. I enjoy all sorts of art, whether it’s drawing/ painting, music, playing an instrument, photography, or film! But more than anything, I love to do art for people’s enjoyment. Being able to hear their thoughts on what I have created is an amazing feeling and helps me strive forward.

Since I was born, I have always been around pets. Our cats + dog are named Hige, Tama + Koda, respectively. Hige is the first pet we introduced to the family + we’ve had her since before I was born. She is two years older than me + still walks around just fine.

I am an ENFP in the Jung-Myer Briggs personality test and a AR thinker within the Gregorc thinking style delineator. Which means, I listen to others well with an open mind, I try to be the bridge of the group + I have my attention on the issue at hand.

It may seem like I have a lot on my plate, but everything I do, I do for myself + others. Because of that, I prioritize everything + every activity is of the same value. I also love helping others in any way possible. I’m always excited to learn new things + get out of my comfort zone in order to expand my horizon. I am not sure what I’d like to do after high school, but I do know I’d love to continue in my education + attend college.

keep it cute,