DIY : Easy + Cheap Handmade Cards

Today's DIY is pretty simple and I doubt you need my explanation, but I did want to offer up some photo examples for extra inspiration. I got a lot of my tips and tricks from Pinterest, as usual. This DIY involves handmade cards for all different occasions. On my first card, I made a sweet message for a friend of mine's baby shower.

All you need is ready-to-fold cards (with matching envelopes, unless you wish to make your own), some scrapbooking paper, a pencil, scissors, any stickers/decorations you want, and colorful pens/markers. Most of this you should have around the house, and if you download the JoAnn app, you can get plenty of coupons for JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts. All together, this DIY should be under $30 if you already have the markers, pencil, and scissors on hand. When you put things in perspective, this DIY can save you immense money on your card-buying (I've noticed lately that most cards in stores are at least $4 for a decent design, but often $6-7 each).

First, you'll want to fold your premade card paper together.

Then, decorate the crap out of it! My friend Savannah (from Brewtine) had created these adorable baby onesie cards, so I traced over one in blue paper for a nice template to use as a card cover.

I used some blue, boy themed scrapbook paper for the back of my card.


By the end of the crafting day, I had made these additional four cards:


I could really use some practice on my card making skills, but I think by the bottom of my card paper stack I'll be a pro! Maybe I'll open an Etsy shop... (just kidding...).

Did you decide to make some cards of your own? Send me pictures at franklykathryn(at) or share them on my Facebook wall for everyone to see!

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