FMS Photo-a-Day : September 2014

I've been participating in blogger fatmumslim (Chantelle Ellem)'s Photo-a-Day challenges (or: FMS Photo-a-Day) for at least a year now, and I try to share my monthly progress here. I can't say I always complete each challenge, but at least I do my best. A creative habit in life promotes well-being!
Here is the list of prompts for September 2014:

Here are my photo responses (for those I did do):
1.  In My Cup { red raspberry spritzer! } 2. Stripes { loving this #OOTD with peplum }

3. Button { the worst photo I've ever taken of buttons }
4. DIY { creating some photo coasters + makin' a mess }

5. Upside Down { one of the best reads: valerie frankel's "it's hard not to hate you" }
6. I Need... { some mike's }

7. Father { the best daddy ever with the sickest mustache }

9. Orange { basil lemonade }

10. Repetition { every day, a new textbook arrives in the mail }

11. How I Feel Today { thrilled to be walking gorgeous capital lake with coffee + my honey }

12. Fall { you know it's coming with mini starbucks samples of the salted caramel mocha }
14. Healthy { this delicious roasted eggplant appetizer at mercato in downtown olympia }

15. Remember { always get your coffee + breakfast before you DIY... oh, and apply lipstick }
16. I Don't Like { my tummy aching to the point I can only drink water on coffee dates }

17. Person { the sweetest girl sent me a lovely note with my new maxi skirt }

22. Crisp { a crisp evening walk around the capital lake. isn't our state capital beautiful? }

23. Triangle { the best triangled bundle of pumpkin spice rooibos joy! }

24. Loud { the best radio ever: kiss 106.1 - seattle }

25. Angle { my very new glasses... loving these new frames }

26. Best { the best gluten-free breakfast in town: veggie delight at new moon in olympia }

Wanna join in on the fun? Click here to view the Photo-a-Day list for October 2014 and get started taking your own snapshots (it's very different from previous months' challenges)! Chantelle has now launched her very own app in the App Store called "Little Moments"... download it now to stay on top of your daily prompts! Don't forget to follow me @franklykathryn!

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