Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

So, there's crazy wind and rain storms here in Olympia, Wash. and we've eventually reached temperatures that are cold enough (at least to me) to declare it already winter! We spent the evening of Jared's birthday decorating our very first Christmas tree in our own apartment. You might not believe it, but: everything that made up our Christmas tree was right under $60 at Target! Garlands, ornaments, lights, even the tree itself. We chose a 6 ft. Alberta spruce without lights, bought a pack of lights, a few strings of garland and about 40 ornaments.

Cute animals in sweaters and scarves are just too much. I couldn't resist!

When you decorate your tree, what design do you go for? Are you a more color schemed and put together type like myself? Or a family memory lover that fills their tree with lots of different, not-so-matchy ornaments? I grew up with the latter as my norm.

Each year, my folks and I would travel to the Christmas tree farm and get ourselves a real tree, go up to our attic and unload all of our many boxes of ornaments and go to town decorating!

While I do miss the smell and aesthetic of having a real tree, I wouldn't trade our cozy, roomy (and clean--hellooooo, pine needles are not cute!) apartment for anything. I cannot wait to share this first Christmas in our own home.

*Can you see me!?

We also went super cheap on the gift wrapping this year: a few rolls of wrapping paper for $5 each, a bunch of $1-2 gift tags and stickers, as well as affordable stockings and ornaments. Who says college kids need to spend a fortune on the holidays?

This season, the blessings are big and the memories should certainly be bright!

Holiday Gift Wrapping and Decorating on a Budget
Holiday Gift Wrapping and Decorating on a Budget

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