The Ultimate Gratitude Challenge: Day 1

Happy New Year! For my first consistent round of posts in 2015, I am beginning an ultimate gratitude challenge series! The prompts are pre-designed through a viral blog tag, and each post will have a different topic, however I may alter the topics as I see fit for my blog and the message I want to convey to YOU!

I like to think I'm a grateful person--a person who counts their blessings, and recognizes them. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and perhaps we don't always see that reason in plain sight at first glance. By writing about our journeys, we are able to reflect upon the reasons for the bad times, while better appreciating the good times.

However, no matter how grateful we consider ourselves, we could all give a bit more thanks in our lives! This is my inspiration for beginning the gratitude blogging challenge, and hopefully this will prove to be a beneficial experience.

Tomorrow, we begin... wish me luck!

Kathryn CoffmanComment