The Ultimate Gratitude Challenge Day 5: Something Someone Gave You

Throughout my life, I have received many blessings. I hope to express my gratitude through these prompts to at least some of these blessings. A few posts back, I spoke to the topic of family. I explored my relationship to the definition of "family", but I believe I missed speaking more to all of the opportunities that my parents have bestowed upon me, which absolutely deserve their individual recognition and gratitude.

The greatest non-material possession that I have is my education. Ever since pre-school, I was enrolled in some of the best liberal arts programs--alternative programs that arguably enhance a student's experience, more so than traditional, brick-and-mortar institutions.

I was sitting in class when my psychology faculty asked us to share one thing we were grateful for (these types of gratitude challenges are highly successful in the positive psychology world). Instantly, my mind went to education. If I hadn't been given the opportunities, I wouldn't have ended up where I was sitting in that exact moment. Although I cannot say my experiences in school were ever easy, they made it possible for me to do what I love, as well as open a brighter look to the future.

Education is the key to freedom. It is the key to success, and the key to greater resources that you need to acquire in order to become successful. I love this opportunity. I have never devalued or disregarded an opportunity for improvement and learning. People are meant to be life-long learners. However, not every person is able to.

While we do learn outside of school, school is the most vital part of our learning. With the news being announced of President Obama advocating free community college country-wide, we will all become better off if this does in fact go forward. There is one catch, though: most jobs require their employees to have higher education--bachelor, master's degrees. Many fast-food restaurants demand a minimum of an associate's degree for their general managers.

I am aware that this opportunity to receive something more than merely a bottom line has been a huge blessing that my parents ensured I received. It inspires me to begin my child's college fund early on, and reminds me to never take on what I cannot provide for. Education is necessary, and many of us take it for granted.
Kathryn CoffmanComment