Body as a Temple, Part I: Clean Eating Journey

For the past two months, I have been cleaning up my diet, and by cleaning up, I mean cold-turkey cleaning up! I began seeing a local nutritionist who has put me on the path to liver recovery and an overall status of wellness. While I still enjoy a piece of chocolate once a week, I have completely cut out all other sources of sugar and processed items from my diet.

Growing up, health wasn't a problem. My parents never gave me fast food, and we never had soda or piles of candy laying around the house. When I hit my teens, I loved going out with my friends, and the weight began to pile on. Pizza, pasta, burgers, fries, sugar in a cup at Starbucks--you name it! Because I didn't have an apartment and therefore lacked my own space to relax other than my bedroom, the most freedom I could get was leaving my parents' house and eating out with my best friends for a couple hours. This behavior was detrimental--not only to my wallet, but to my health.

I finally decided that this path was no longer for me and I was going to recruit the best person to help me deal with my food addictions. So far, I have lost a total of 16 pounds, and regardless of the numbers on the scale, I just feel better! I'm less bloated, less irritable, and have much less shame around what I am putting into my body.

Food is no longer my priority. I have more meaningful, worthy relationships with my friends, parents and boyfriend. Instead of focusing on how good my food tastes, I focus on how good the relationship is with the person I'm sharing a meal with. This year, I was able to choose correct portion sizes while enjoying my delicious Valentine's dinner with the person who supports my journey.

I have many hobbies, and many of these hobbies have previously taken a backseat to my love for food. Now I use the time I would be going out to eat to do other, more meaningful things (like homework)! I am no longer filling the void with food. When I'm bored, I pick up a book or my laptop and start blogging. I'm a more productive happy camper, and my body loves me for it.

Most importantly: I feel more comfortable in my skin. Because of my healthy eating, I no longer feel gross and therefore the way I perceive myself when I look in the mirror has changed dramatically. I am able to show a little more skin than I typically would have felt comfortable with before. In addition to healthy eating, I have started to attend regular yoga classes when my schedule allows, perform nightly mindfulness meditation, as well as at-home HIIT training and tabata routines.

Overall, this journey is only beginning for me, but I invite everyone to join me if they feel so compelled. Eating clean is one of the best blessings you could ever give to your body. Your body is your life-force: it is the reason you are not only functioning, but flourishing today. We must treat our bodies (and livers) as though they matter!


Kathryn Coffman

Digital and Social Media Marketing Professional at Lifestyle Blogger at Fiercely passionate about helping everyday women + biz owners live their best life!