The Ultimate Gratitude Challenge Day 7: 5 Best Things About Me

There is a certain degree of importance in knowing who you are and why you appreciate yourself. We all have flaws, but we also have plenty of positive traits that are worth recognizing. Today's gratitude post revolves around a heightened awareness of self strengths, as well as the top 5 things we like about ourselves.
I would love it if you joined me! Take a few minutes to jot down a few of the best things about yourself and think about why you picked those things.
I picked the following:
My honesty and loyalty. These go hand in hand and define the quality of my character. I don't betray or harm others on purpose, and I live true to myself and others.
My organization and analytical thinking. I take situations step by step and take the time to think things through. I attempt to figure out why a situation is the way it is, and I organize my life around the reality and plan of my current predicament.
My love of fashion and aesthetically beautiful things. I suppose this isn't directly part of me, but it helps people discover what I like. I enjoy putting outfits together, taking time to groom my appearance, and live in a beautiful, put-together home (although, don't get me wrong: I'm messy like everyone else at times!).
My compassion and belief in social justice. One of the most important things that I hope others notice as they get to know me is my immense amount of social justice and the ability I have to hold compassion and empathy. Empathy is what celebrates our humanity.
My humor while dealing with hardships (and life is general). I get easily frustrated when people drive slow in traffic or don't seem to "get me", but most of the time I am able to shake off this situation off using my good sense of humor and loud, joyful mouth.
What are the five best traits you picked for yourself?