#HeartYourSelfie - Charlotte Russe's Instagram Campaign for Female Empowerment

During the past week, I've participated in Charlotte Russe's Instagram campaign: #HeartYourSelfie. Heart Your Selfie is a trending hashtag movement with the hopes of empowering women to accept and love themselves as they are. For each "heart selfie" shared stating why that lady loves "herselfie", using the hashtag #HeartYourSelfie and tagging @CharlotteRusse, the company donated $1 to Girls Inc. Girls Inc. is an organization centered around feminism and female empowerment, offering the tools and resources for young girls to grow up with a well-rounded sense of self.

Instead of girls being fed society's undermining messages that they can't achieve as much as a man, Girls Inc. is determined to build up girls' self-efficacy, and in the process, help convince girls that they can become the next great leader of the free world if they so desire! Charlotte Russe's donation directly supports this cause and makes a statement about their brand affiliation.

Charlotte's involvement in this cause is just another reason why I love what I do: picking out fun, fashion-forward outfits for a diverse group of women of all shapes, sizes, colors and personalities. Seeing a lady's smile when she feels as though she looks her best is incredibly rewarding as a stylist at Charlotte Russe--you get to be her best friend and her confidant in a matter of a good 10 minutes. This campaign comes at a perfect time for Charlotte as they get ready to launch their plus-size line (#Charlotte0to24) in stores.

Granted I was too sick a couple days out of this challenge, I did manage to post four heart selfies!







Each selfie had a caption of why I value myself (from left to right):

1 - Tuesday, March 17: "Even when it's a lazy day, I appreciate myself and my ombré tops!" 2 - Wednesday, March 18: "I've come to accept myself with or without styled hair--this was a huge learning curve for me throughout my preteen years. "Our girl" needs to embrace her natural!" 3 - Thursday, March 19: "I've battled illnesses as a constant for most of my life, and today is no exception! It's okay to have a #sickday." This was a no-makeup selfie taken in bed... the dedication is real, you guys! 4 - Sunday, March 22: "As a kid, I put education first and recklessness last. For so many reasons, this is vital to who I am."

I'm hoping Charlotte Russe reached their maximum donation goal and some good is going to be done for the wellbeing of our girls. I'm also looking forward to see if the company is going to take part in this campaign next year. You know I'll be ready.

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