My First Apartment: A Tour in Pictures

My all-time favorite YouTube videos and blog posts consist of one major theme: home decor! Anything girly and I'm weak in the knees. So, naturally, when I moved into my first apartment, I went pretty crazy on the decorating.

Today, I'm giving you a visual tour of my apartment through photos. I'm a very minimalistic gal, therefore the general theme is silver accents with black focal pieces (for the most part). This was an agreeable theme for the man of the house as well.

We'll start with the living room. Well, half of the coffee table. I lined a black tray with some large, funky-shaped potpourri pieces and added a few reading materials in addition to my 2015 calendar planner.

I accented the table with a gorgeous silver frame from T.J.Maxx and a silver, Egyptian crystal decorative storage jar from ROSS. Matching candlesticks can be located on the other end of the table.

Perhaps the best piece of the living room is our fireplace with generous mantelpiece. We haven't actually turned the fireplace on since moving in on the 1st of the year, but it'll sure come in handy during our cold winters! For now we use the mantel for displaying all of our cards: birthdays, Valentine's Day, other special occasions. Of course, another silver frame can be found here (bought at ROSS) with another photo from the same shoot.

To the right of the fireplace is our storage unit that doubles as a desk. Our desk that came from my house was way too large for us and we barely used the desk anyway, so we transformed this area to conserve space.

Next to the storage unit is our bookshelf (or actually just another storage unit that doubles as our bookshelf!). I need photos for the rest of my frames, but another silver accent frame can be found here. For the most part, I just showcase some of my favorite books and keep the rest tucked to the sides.

It wouldn't be our home without the Seattle Seahawks! This is the canvas that can be found above our couch. Even though I'm not the biggest football fan, it's nice to have a reminder of Jared's passions.

I had the most fun decorating the bedroom. Our bedspread is quite unisex in design (hey, at least it's not pink!) and our matching white, glass IKEA lamps top off the black and white look, not to mention our incredibly fuzzy and comfy throw!

Breaking out of the silver accent theme, I just had to buy this canvas with gold "love" written all over it! This hangs on one of our bedroom's side walls and is a kind reminder of what our home is all about: love, above all else.

If you pop over to my bedside table, you'll see my stash: a peaceful meditating Buddha statue, a couple of my favorite products from Bath & Body Works, my IKEA lamp, as well as my two notebooks, pen and some Carmex (a holy grail favorite of mine).

Of course, it wouldn't be a complete bathroom without some delicious-smelling, foaming hand soap from Bath & Body Works, a mosaic tiled toothbrush holder, a big jug of Listerine and some Kevin Murphy hair products!

What is your favorite part of your home? Tell me below in the comments or share photos with me and others on my Facebook page.

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