Great Eats : Dragonfish Asian Cafe in Seattle, WA

While visiting Seattle, Washington last weekend, Jared and I stopped into the Dragonfish Asian Cafe within the famous Paramount Hotel. We started the meal by sharing a plate of avocado rolls (just rice, avocado and seaweed, if you didn't know). Avocado roll is the staple roll that I order whenever I'm in the mood for sushi. It's filled with great fats and has no deep fried additives.

Entree: I chose a gluten-free, vegetarian version of their garlic ginger chicken and shrimp dish. I asked for a tofu veggie dish using the same sauce and noodles (rice noodles to ensure they are GF). I don't think that the original sauce made for the dish is GF, so the dish was virtually flavorless. The waitress was incredibly accommodating and did her best to find something for me to eat, but overall I wasn't pleased with the result.

I've eaten out at the Dragonfish a handful of times before, so I was pretty bummed out by this outcome. I'm a big fan of their soba noodles (not GF) and their vegetable tempura rolls (also not GF due to the deep fried layer), so I know for a fact that they make fantastic dishes, but I'm not sure they are the best spot for gluten-free eaters with diet limitations.

Jared ordered the dragonfire chicken dish, including spicy peanut noodles, sambal, cilantro and a peanut topping. He thought his dish was delicious, especially the spicy sauce. Generally, Dragonfish is a great place to eat and is conveniently located by Seattle's Convention Center, but I wouldn't suggest it if you know that your diet requires specific modifications. In addition, the food all came out very fast, so take from that what you will.

Dragonfish Asian Cafe 722 Pine St. Seattle, WA 98101