Help The People of Nepal!

On Saturday, a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook Nepal and as of Tuesday night, just short of 5,000 people are confirmed dead, with plenty still missing including a couple of my friends.

It seems as though tragedy has been very apparent in the news lately, and when we turn on the TV, there isn't much good to see. In the past few days, I've been overwhelmed with the negativity in our world: first the earthquake struck, then a nearby high school experienced a student-related shooting incident, and now there is civil unrest and extreme racial tension in Baltimore, Maryland.

As horrific as all tragedies are, they always hit home when they affect the people we know and love. Dear family friends of mine, Denise, Ric and Cameron experienced an awful tragedy when they learned that their medical facility Baseri (in Nepal) had been demolished by the quake.

While we cannot mend and fix all of the problems in the world, we can help out the tragedies that touch us deeply. For me, this is that tragedy. I made a donation to the rebuilding efforts of the Baseri facility (the link can be found in the article above), but am also aware that Facebook and other websites have set up direct donation opportunities to help bring aid and recovery where it is needed the most throughout the country of Nepal.

Consider making a donation or at least sharing these stories with your loved ones.

Awareness counts. Every little bit of it.

What tragedy is close to your heart? Leave your story in the comments.

Kathryn CoffmanComment