Stars On Ice 2015: "Dancing for Joy"

Last weekend, Jared and I enjoyed the Seattle, WA Key Arena production of Stars On Ice's "Dancing for Joy". We had a blast! Stars on Ice is an international figure skating tour founded by Scott Hamilton that includes the most recent and most beloved Olympic and World champions.

Jared was a sweetheart and treated us to on-ice seats. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to touch a champion's hand as they skate around the crowd after the finale number! My dream finally came true.

In past years, Key Arena has refused me bringing in a camera and although I wasn't too worried, I decided against it this year. I was able to snap some decent photos with my iPhone 5S.













It was a lovely night! A few of my favorite performances include Ekaterina Gordeeva's "I Dreamed a Dream", Kimmie Meissner's "Chandelier" and Sinead & John Kerr's "Zombie".

Did you see the tour this year? Comment your favorite programs!


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