Why "Transparent" Matters

Lately, I've been obsessively binge-watching Transparent, the Amazon original drama series about a middle aged trans woman, Maura, who comes out to her three children when they least expect it. The series follows the family members along for all their journeys: identity discovery, infidelity, loss, love, drug use and hot top secret sexual escapades!

While there are many obvious reasons as to why the show's existence is vital to our society, I think there are other reasons why Transparent matters.

1. It's honest. It tells the story of the family of a trans individual beautifully, and with dignity. The ignorance and true struggle of cisgender people is portrayed honestly and with respect for their journey (except for those who are just jerks--those are also portrayed just as they are).

2. It doesn't censor. Whether it's nudity or the topics discussed, the show strives to show real people within their characters and represent realistic situations--not perfected, false representations of what it means to be an individual of value in today's society (for example, what you find in a reality show).

3. It's sexy! I mean, who knew Pam from The Office had it goin' on?

4. It's celebrated through quality acting. Most all of the actors and actresses I never knew of before the show, but now I'm a big fan! It's almost like watching an indie, Sundance Film Festival flick. You discover new gems with each unfolding story.

5. It has substance. As I mentioned before: instead of reality TV, the script is full of captivating storylines and characters. While you can binge-watch like I am, this show truly makes you think and can provide enough of a plot to keep you mulling over what just happened for days after watching. I don't know about you, but I love shows that intellectually challenge me.

6. It exposes you to types of people and/or situations you may not be familiar with. In addition to discussing a great deal of trans and LGBTQ culture, the show covers many different types of personalities and a plethora of issues. Taking you out of your comfort zone is another way it challenges you (positively!).

7. It reminds you of your favorite parts of childhood and relationships with those who matter most (parents, siblings, etc.). While watching the show, I'm consistently reminded of the reasons I love my parents, fellow equality activists as well as my fearless, passionate friends so dearly. The amount of nostalgia the show evokes is just perfect!

Why do you watch your favorite shows? 
P.S. I always take suggestions for new shows to binge-watch.

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