Cheat Days: We're All Human

So, I must confess: I looooove cheat days! I deeply appreciate the days within my healthy eating and exercise ritual when I can truly pig out. By "pig out" I don't mean *eat all of the things*, just some of the things. The best of things.

Tonight, I devoured a delicious gluten-free Gold Coast pizza from Brewery City Pizza (local pizza joint). The Gold Coast consists of gorgonzola cheese, topped with walnuts and peaches, eliciting a savory but sweet pleasure on your tastebuds!

We must remember that we should be allowed cheat days. We should be able to sink into our greatest guilty pleasures and not feel bad about it. Having cheat days reaffirms why I am doing everything I work so hard at: eating healthy, sticking to an exercise regimen and taking all of my vitamins.

Who is to say that having a cheat day isn't healthy? I find benefits in regards to my psychological well-being when I allow myself to have a breather and eat something I typically wouldn't. Having cheat days allows us to embrace the beauty of food and being human (imperfectly human).

Cheat days rock. Enough said.

What is your favorite cheat day food?

Kathryn CoffmanComment