62 Favorites: Quotes, YouTubers, Baby Names

I came across this fun get-to-know-me survey that allows bloggers to list their absolute favorite thing in each category--from their favorite YouTubers to their favorite baby names. Ever since I was a young girl, I've ADORED fill-in surveys and quizzes, and this one is no exception. Here is a list of my very favorite things:

1. Place - It would have to be Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington. I'm a total city girl!

2. Person - The love of my life, Jared. He is my best friend and the greatest roommate a girl could ask for!

3. Color - Black. Beige. Any neutral color ever.

4. Food - Carbs. I've learned this the hard way.

5. Smell - Any floral, flirty sweet perfume.

6. Book - I love any non-fiction, memoir pieces. Some of my top picks: My Sergei by Ekaterina Gordeeva, Not By Chance Alone by Elliot Aronson and Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe.

7. Movie - You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

8. Music Artist - The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Macklemore, etc., etc.

9. Genre of Music - Pop is my guilty pleasure, however I enjoy most all types of music including rock, country, folk, classical and jazz.

10. Genre of Literature - I'm not a lit fan, but I suppose I most enjoy anything with a strong female protagonist (not necessarily feminist novels).

11. Magazine - Glamour, The Advocate, Darling.

12. Texture - An ultra-soft, cozy comforter on my skin during a cold winter night.

13. Time of Day - 11AM. I find myself being the most productive and feeling the most joy around this hour.

14. Day of the Week - Thursday or Saturday. No rhyme or reason.

15. Thing to Do When Bored - Blog, Instagram, film YouTube videos, cook or watch The Mindy Project! 16. Celebrity - Too many to choose from. Big fan of Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and others from that acting generation.

17. Class in School - Anything psychology or sociology/diversity studies.

18. Website - Hands-down Facebook.com.

19. Drink - Anything fruity and alcoholic (margarita, sangria) or just plain ol' iced water.

20. Precious Stone - Diamonds, of course!

21. Animal - Dolphins and dogs. Don't ask.

22. Flower - Lillies, carnations, tulips.

23. Time in History - This current era is pretty fantastic, but if I could reverse back in time to the 90's and live that decade at the age I am now, I think it could be fun! Or the 80's for the music scene.

24. Font - Century Gothic--simple, clean and feminine. It's even the font on my resume!

25. Video Game - Sims is the only digital game I play, however, I do have a soft spot for Madden NFL. I always seem to score the most touchdowns against the Miami Dolphins.

26. TV Show - FRIENDS is my all-time favorite.

27. Play - Grease. I could relive that musical for days.

28. Sound - A lawnmower on a summer's day, rain falling on glass, any good tunes.

29. Fruit - Watermelon. Aside from that, any berries.

30. Vegetable - Bell peppers, asparagus, broccoli and mushrooms.

31. Store - I might be biased when I say Charlotte Russe, but I also love Forever21 and H&M.

32. Article of Clothing Owned - Probably a maxi dress, denim vest or kimono.

33. Fashion / Style - Flirty, feminine, neutral (or bright, depending on the day), somewhat edgy yet keeping it classy! A statement necklace is a must.

34. Pattern - Chevron print, polkadot or any other staple feminine DIY pattern like such.

35. Workout - Treadmill. Yoga. Pilates. Bike Riding. Dance.

36. Quote - "Our honor depends upon our honesty." - Sergei Grinkov.

37. Historical Figure - Would love to sit down for lunch with either Jeanne Manford (founder of PFLAG), George Carlin or Martin Luther King, Jr.

38. Boy's Name - Michael or Benjamin.

39. Girl's Name - Bethany, Jillian or Chloe.

40. Potato Chip Flavor - Honey dijon. I much prefer Cheetos to potato chips, though.

41. Meal of the Day - Breakfast, or snacks. Even though I'm not supposed to be snacking.

42. Ice Cream Flavor - Toasted coconut all the way!

43. Soda - Henry Weinhard's Rootbeer.

44. Popcorn Flavor - Cheddar.

45. Season - Winter.

46. Month of the Year - July (vacation season) or December (Christmastime).

47. Word - Two words, but I promise the extra word is worth it: "Yaaasss, gurl!" Jaclyn Hill-inspired.

48. Disney Princess - Not a Disney fan; don't have a favorite. Don't hate me!

49. Insult - I try not to hold a favorite insult in my vocabulary.

50. Joke - I'm an in-the-moment kind of jokester, and unfortunately don't have scripted, punchline jokes.

51. Cussword - Definitely the "F word".

52.  Letter - A, M or S. They're the prettiest!

53. YouTube Channel - Ingrid Nilsen (missglamorazzi), Estee Lalonde (essiebutton), Heart Defensor (ThatsHeart).

54. Eye Color - Blueish green eyes that change hues depending on the light or mood of the individual (Jared has these beautiful gems)!

55. Memory - Summer vacations with my family. Hearing stories from my grandmother.

56. Dessert - Gluten-free cupcake or cheesecake.

57. Candy - Almond Joy, sour gummy worms.

58. Restaurant - Anthony's Homeport in Olympia, Washington (seafood restaurant). Best chocolate mousse and crab cakes EVER!

59. Lifehack - It's nothing special and is actually quite obvious, but packing my lunch the night before has saved me from any unnecessary exhaustion and stress.

60. Language - I have to admit: I adore the English language, but Spanish and Russian are equally beautiful-sounding.

61. Thing to Learn About - Critical Race Theory (CRT)/LGBTQ diversity studies, beauty and fashion tips and tricks, interior decorating and DIYs.

62. Thing About Myself - Honesty. Like my favorite quote, I believe this to be the most valued and necessary trait in an individual, and try my best to walk my talk.

What survey would you like to see me complete? P.S.: I'd love to see your answers--leave them in the comments!


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