The Little Things

I am so blessed. Little moments in the every day remind me just how grateful I am for everything I have in my life, particularly the people in it. Last night, I shared (a few) drinks with friends. Two of the four friends are pictured above in some snapshots from our first "bar-hop" to the Swing Wine Bar and Cafe in Olympia. Anyone who knows me well knows I am a busy-bee and that I love to stay consumed with various fun and distracting activities. Life goes by FAST, and it's hard to catch a few quality moments within the mess.

After years of dealing with not-so-true friendships--those who claimed they were there when they never were, or just blatantly were not mature enough to handle a full-fledge adult friendship, your faith is somewhat shaken. When you are able to realize the jackpot of gold you finally have surrounding you, it's a good feeling.

While you may not know every single detail about each other (superficial things like favorite colors or bands), you know each other's hearts. These people will have your back in the toughest of times, or maybe they already have. Working in retail with these ladies, we go through A LOT.

Last night reminded me to count the smaller blessings, for they often go unnoticed. I am so very thankful to have these amazing individuals in my life!

Kathryn CoffmanComment