CSI: Oly - Adult Swim at Hands On Children's Museum

For the first time ever, I recently attended Adult Swim at the Hands On Children's Museum in Olympia, WA! Adult Swim is the museum's popular 21+ adult social event that happens every few months, complete with new themes each time around.

Friday's theme was "CSI: Oly," an investigative, forensic science event. Upon check-in, Jared and I received a map detailing each activity station (plus clues to the crime story of the night). We started with the fingerprinting activity, talking to a local forensic scientist about whether our unique fingerprints were filled with ridges or whorls and how this relates to crime solving.


Next, we inspected white powders and their reaction to different wet substances. During my time interning for the Communications Department at the museum, I created the material for the promotional videos of CSI: Oly, including the white powder and fingerprinting activity, so naturally I thought I had a leg up at understanding the content of the night.

I was floored by the activities' depth and detail! We had a blast, and of course, we took selfies to include in the hashtag #HOCMCSIOly. Who knew at age 21 I would be taking selfies in a kids' museum? *The same museum where I attended summer camp.

Enjoying a "Revolver" (whiskey, kahlua and bitters--the signature cocktail of the night) and a Blue Moon, we entertained the artist within us and screen printed t-shirts!

Jared and I spent a good half-hour designing our shirts (naturally, mine had a hashtag).

By the end of the night, we decided that we had surely become Adult Swim attendees-for-life. The next Adult Swim is "GLOW"-- a night that celebrates the science of luminescence! We are more than excited for October.

Don't miss out. Grab your tickets to the next Adult Swim! See you there.

Kathryn CoffmanComment