Decorating My New Work Space

Don't get me wrong: I'm not a huge fan of pink, but this desk is almost too cute. I was gifted this desk by my friend Jillian (my previous supervisor at my museum internship)--it's gorgeous pink glass over a body of metal.

Because I already had the pink desk, I figured it wouldn't hurt to include some pink, feminine decoration. JoAnn Fabric & Crafts, as well as TJ Maxx are my favorite places for decor on a budget! Two days ago I made a large trip to both.

As a consequence of my journal addiction, I had already collected a variety of pink journals that I chose to display next to my desk for the quick jotting down of thoughts and To-Do reminders. I topped off the display with a pink mouse and some feminine faux flowers in a glass vase (only $8 at JoAnn's!).

Of course, the desk wouldn't be a complete work station without a mason jar filled with ice water and an adorable mint, polkadot straw! Resting on a custom DIY drink coaster, of course.

Above the desk is my focal wall with a bunch of canvases and frames in a variety of sizes creating a fun pop! The above frame is my newest addition with a great quote by Jack Canfield--one that my mentor, Jillian told me when I was afraid to step outside of my comfort bubble.

How do you personalize your work space? Leave me comments with ideas, suggestions and all that good interior decorating inspo!