Equinox Restaurant + Bar in Portland, OR

Considering all the places in Portland, Oregon that I visited during my last vacation, Equinox has to be my all-time favorite discovery.


Equinox Restaurant & Bar is a located in a quaint neighborhood, complete with gorgeous patio seating and an indoor, modern bar. We went during brunch hours and sat indoors.

Jared ordered the Equinox Bowl, stuffed with fried potatoes and pork sausage, peppered bacon, spinach, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and grated cheddar. It is topped with serrano cheese sauce, cotija, salsa and sour cream. He was in love.

I cannot explain how good the flavors of the dish I got were. Just looking back at this photo makes my mouth tingle! Equinox's Chilaquiles dish is DELIC. Scrambled eggs with beans, potatoes, cotija cheese, salsa verde and pico de gallo melt in your mouth when placed over crispy tortillas.

I also very much enjoyed their grapefruit juice. It's real juice--not that crap from a bottle like some restaurants use.

Equinox is seriously the best breakfast place, right up in my top two favorites along with Olympia, Washington's Oly Rockfish Grill. I won't miss it the next time I visit Portland!

Equinox Restaurant & Bar 830 N Shaver St. Portland, OR 97227

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Kathryn CoffmanComment