2016 Life Goals and a Look Back: Here's to a New Year!

Happy 2016! With each passing year, I am forced to reflect upon the failures and successes of the past year, as well as the future goals I want to set as we enter the next 12 months. I figured I'd share with you my list of 2016 life goals (or things I hope to accomplish in the new year). 2015 was a phenomenal year for me, for more than a few reasons:

  • On Jan. 1, 2015, I moved in with Jared, my boyfriend. This was the first apartment for the both of us and kicked off the year with a thrill.
  • That same week, I began interning at Olympia, Wash.'s Hands On Children's Museum in their marketing department, and gathered endless insight from my mentor with an extensive PR background.
  • I then moved on to intern for my local tourism DMO (Destination Marketing Organization), going from B2C to B2B marketing--enriching my experience greatly. I also came on at a time of great transition for the organization. I have been able to observe both sides: one with a well-established, set branding model, and another that I was able to personally impact and help brand.
  • I launched my own business, officially joining the world of #girlboss power (and it wasn't as hard as you think)! Fashionably Frank Marketing specializes in millennial-inspired, honest and stylish digital/social media marketing for businesses and non-profits. Stay tuned for my blog post on starting your own business!
  • I finally left retail! Being able to relieve myself of a terrible management situation and become my own manager was such a blessing that came at just the right time in my life, completing my junior year of college.

So, going into 2016, I feel as though my goals should be at least a little substantial! Here we go:

  • Gain at least five more, stable and long-term clients at Fashionably Frank Marketing.
  • Travel to a new state I haven't been before.
  • Graduate with my Bachelor's in Humanities.
  • Rent a home (or at least start the search).
  • Get a puppy (maybe?).
  • Continue to grow my personal social media following. Let's shoot for at least 2K Instagram followers, 3K Twitter followers, 500 Facebook fans (blog), 300 Pinterest followers and 150 Facebook fans (business). Will I make it? We'll see!

At least that's a start. Here's to a marvelous year ahead!

What about you? Share your goals in the comments!