The 52 Lists Project (#52ListsProject): Favorite Meals and Treats

52 Lists Project Favorite Meals and Treats

This week's #52ListsProject prompt is "Your Favorite Meals and Treats". If you know me even a little bit, you know I'm a HUGE foodie and love anything that tastes good! Whether it's a full blown dinner or a delicious sweet, we are all drawn to unique items. Jot down your fave snacks with me now!

  1. Tofu Stroganoff. My pops always makes a delicious version of stroganoff made with tofu, broccoli and mushrooms. For the longest time, I always considered this my *GO TO* fave.
  2. Tomato Spaghetti (without the meat or balls!) and Garlic Bread. I mean, my mouth is salivating just typing this... don't even get me started on Olive Garden's Five-Cheese Ziti Al Forno. I can't handle the drool.
  3. Starbucks Pink Drink. Great for warm summer days or when you've performed some serious cardio from a day of shopping ;) Light and refreshing, yet sweet. What's better than tea and coconut milk?
  4. Vic's Pizzeria pizza. Vic's is our local pizza joint here in Olympia, Washington and they make the most unique combinations. My faves are the Olympia Four Cheese (Spinach Walnut Pesto Base, Roasted Red Peppers, Kalamata Olives, Red Onions, Feta, and Fontina, Pecorino and Mozzarella Cheeses) and the Elvis Special (Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Base, Mozzarella Cheese, Roasted Garlic, Sweet Fried Peppers, Red Onions and Goat Cheese).
  5. Our other local pizza joint, Brewery City Pizza makes a mean sweet & savory match: the Gold Coast (Gorgonzola Pecan Cream Cheese, Bartlett Pears, Mozzarella and Honey). TO-DIE-FOR!
  6. Tofu spring rolls with peanut sauce, hold the other sauce. C'mon, spring rolls are ONLY good with peanut sauce. Ya feel? Also anything Thai. Curry fried rice with pineapple is a fave.
  7. Indian food. Give me all the Naan. All the Mattar Paneer. All the Vegetable Korma. Okay, I'll stop.
  8. A good ole' healthy bowl of peanut zoodles (zucchini noodles). My friend Meg makes a MEAN zoodle and has THE recipe you cannot turn away!


So, tell me... what does your list include?

I'm participating in the #52ListsProject created by the founder of Moorea Seal, a Seattle-based boutique with the adventuresome spirit of the great Pacific Northwest, plus a fresh, chic and sleek approach to modern women's accessories and decor with a touch of rustic sensibility. 
Join me, won't you?

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52 Lists Project Favorite Meals and Treats




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