52 Lists Project (#52ListsProject): People Who Brighten My Day

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This week's #52ListsProject prompt is "People Who Brighten Your Day". I am blessed to have a variety of amazing people in my life who make me feel happy and have my best intentions.

  • The love of my life, Jared who always picks me up when I'm having a rough day and truly makes me feel like the most beautiful, smart, incredible woman in the world.
  • My folks, mom and dad that always believed I could do anything I set my mind to.
  • Emma, of course (co-blogger)! She's seriously my twin in life.
  • Kayla, my partner in crime with my business, who keeps everything running smoothly.
  • Best friend Emily who challenges me and keeps me motivated and fills the room with the loudest, most pure joyful laughter.
  • Sydney, my lead photographer and fast friend who is always down for the next client challenge, and her wife CJ, daughter and son.
  • Olivia, my Latina soul big sister who cheers me on and collaborates to the fullest.
  • All of my Oly Girlboss Collective friends and fellow entrepreneurs!


What does your list include?

I'm participating in the #52ListsProject created by the founder of Moorea Seal, a Seattle-based boutique with the adventuresome spirit of the great Pacific Northwest, plus a fresh, chic and sleek approach to modern women's accessories and decor with a touch of rustic sensibility. Join me, won't you?

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52 Lists Project People Who Brighten My Day




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