The 52 Lists Project: Things You're Grateful For

52 Lists Project Things You're Grateful For

This week's #52ListsProject prompt is "Things You Are Grateful For". In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let's take a moment to jot down our most prized possessions, people and things:

  • My health and physical body that carries me through life.
  • The notion that I know who I am and where I am going and I unapologetically live this out.
  • The success of my baby business and all it has flourished to be.
  • My business' newest edition: Kayla, FFM's Community Engagement Coordinator who provides endless pep talks and labor support.
  • The four families I've been blessed with: my biological, adoptive, LGBTQ and girlboss families.
  • My confidence and resilience.
  • The experiences that led me to where I am today, both good and bad.
  • The financial ability to spoil my friends and family with gifts this year.
  • My many support systems.
  • The places I've gotten to travel, even if they're few and far between.
  • An incredible lineup of clients who love me, support me and build me up.
  • My upbringing and the parenting that I received. My fair treatment and care.
  • This little blog and my fearless partner, Emma.


What does your list include?

I'm participating in the #52ListsProject created by the founder of Moorea Seal, a Seattle-based boutique with the adventuresome spirit of the great Pacific Northwest, plus a fresh, chic and sleek approach to modern women's accessories and decor with a touch of rustic sensibility. Join me, won't you?

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52 Lists Project Things You're Grateful For




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