The 52 Lists Project (#52ListsProject): Your Accomplishments

52 Lists Project Your Accomplishments

This week's #52Lists Project prompt is "Your Accomplishments". While it may be awkward to brag on yourself, it's necessary for self growth and confidence building. There ain't nothin' wrong with listing your accomplishments, girl! Join me in jotting:

  • Overcoming my crippling anxiety and learning better coping mechanisms, leaving an environment of harmful bullying and hatred to make a better life for myself.
  • After a tumultuous experience in public schooling, being a nominee of Student of the Month awards three times, each time by a different subject department - including some of my worst subjects!
  • Returning to the public school system after homeschooling and living in my hermit shell (yes, that REALLY is an accomplishment for worriers like me!).
  • Getting accepted to a 4 year college and leaving with my Bachelor's degree.
  • Entertaining two, two-quarter internships as a college student, catapulting myself into the world of marketing and all things Internet. Without these internships, who knows what/where I would be.
  • Being a pretty darn fantastic friend, family member (or daughter) and romantic partner.
  • Serving 6 years on a local nonprofit's Board of Directors, fighting for LGBTQ equal rights and dignity as a fellow LGBTQ individual, advocating on behalf of those who don't have a voice growing up.
  • Receiving a letter from Southern Poverty Law Center co-founder Morris Dees that my name was added to the Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama as an individual that has chosen to take a stand against hatred and intolerance.
  • Later receiving a beautiful advocacy award for my work with the previously mentioned nonprofit.
  • Launching my business at 21 years old, while wrapping up college and juggling another part-time job on the side. Then leaving that job 6 months later to pursue my business full-time. The big name clients and annual revenue have become my latest accomplishment.
  • Co-founding my local Oly Girlboss Collective group, a support and networking group for female entrepreneurial business owners in the Olympia, Washington surrounding areas. We're up to 100+ members and growing every week!
  • Getting out of bed each and every morning to awake to a new, fresh start. That's the best accomplishment of all that I never take for granted. Agreed?


What does your list include?

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52 Lists Project Your Accomplishments




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