Quick and Easy Activated Charcoal Beauty DIYs


Do-it-yourself at home health products have been taking the internet and bathroom shelves by storm for a long time. Everything from teeth whitening, face masks and haircare are being achieved with things you can usually find in your kitchen. I'll be sharing with you some quick and easy activated charcoal beauty DIYs.

I’ve been trying different natural methods for a few years now, I’ve “coconut swished”, rubbed avocado on my face and been burned by a certain ginger concoction gone wrong.

I’m severely allergic to gluten, and something that has been brought to my attention by a good friend was activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is similar to regular charcoal, but produced specifically for medicinal purposes. The charcoal is “activated” by being heated in the presence of a gas, when “activated” causes pores in the charcoal to open which trap all the nasty stuff! This has cut my recovery time from a gluten poisoning in half.

After curiously searching for activated charcoal on Pinterest, I found a plethora of uses for the black powder! You can buy it in powder or with the powder in capsules, just beware: any way you keep it there’s chance of mess, but it doesn’t stain surfaces. I now use this stuff almost every day in several different ways; I prefer it to coconut oil because it always made me feel greasy.

Here are my top three uses for activated charcoal!

Face Mask:

  1. Mix a half teaspoon of water, charcoal powder and a few drops of tea tree oil together (I use a Q-tip and a shot glass). If you don’t have tea tree oil, just the charcoal and water is fine!

  2. Apply to face and let dry.

  3. Rinse with warm water, and feel how smooth and lovely your face is!

Teeth Scrub:

  1. Rub the powder onto your teeth (I use my fingers usually).

  2. If you want, you can use your toothbrush to rub it in--I just use an old one.

  3. Keep it on for 5 minutes; take some selfies with your black teeth!

  4. Brush your teeth with your toothpaste as normal.

I do this in the morning before my shower, and I feel like it gives my teeth a real healthy glow. This method is a good alternative to lemon juice whitening which can harm your enamel.

Internal Cleanse:

I started out ingesting charcoal just for gluten poisonings, or general tummy upsets. More recently I’ve been taking them more often and I love how I’ve been feeling!

*Be sure to stir your mixtures with a plastic or wooden spoon, the charcoal pulls toxins from metals. Store your clay in a non-metal container!