Gift Guide with Archibald Sisters of Olympia, Wash.

Looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones and also want to support small businesses in the process? You'll find marvelous collectibles and eccentric treasures at Archibald Sisters, located in Olympia, Wash. and Portland, Ore. Below is a mini gift guide with Archibald Sisters. When buying gifts, I need to make sure I grab items for both the ladies and gents in my life, as well as gifts that fit their individual personalities and needs. Archibald Sisters provides a variety of choices (and the staff are always willing to show you their favorites).

I got distracted while I shopped around for gifts, obviously. I picked up some holiday napkins and straws that happened to be on sale, as well as a few tabasco chocolate stocking stuffers.

My favorite items from the whole trip are the two new lipsticks I picked up for myself (Merry Christmas to me!), of course, however the two lavender bath bags that I grabbed for my mom looked super intriguing. One is shaped like a tea bag that you literally soak in your bath! 

I might be obsessed with Archibald's "Ace" cologne spray, so I picked one of those up for my love. Their shaving kit also caught my eye--perfect for my dad!

I did additionally pick up a girly bath set (seen in the post's first picture) featuring their signature scent: Sex on the Beach! I'll keep this one for my bestie.

Can you get enough of that pug's face!? 'Cause I can't.

Along with their great, unique gifts, Archibald carries a ton of handcrafted cards perfect for any occasion (some raunchier than others). I had to snag some for 2016 birthdays while I was there.

This shop is never disappointing. I love you, Archibald Sisters!

Archibald Sisters 406 Capitol Way SOlympia, WA 98501

Check them out on their Facebook page here.

Gift Guide from Archibald Sisters in Olympia, Washington
Gift Guide from Archibald Sisters in Olympia, Washington

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