Autumn Plus Size Fashion Favorites (2016)

It's autumn once again and you know what that means: tons of adorable autumn plus size fashion! As we all know, fashion is one of my greatest loves (ever since I worked in retail and became immersed in the world of style) and has become even more so ever since I learned that we can all look good with any body shape or size we may have!

Becoming comfortable with a larger body type can be difficult in our society that places being skinny as a criteria of beauty. I've had to learn to embrace the body positive movement and come to terms with how kickass my body is - and that took time, but now I love every bit of dressing my body. While I'm not plus size (yet), I find myself lusting after these fashions the hardest! 

I'm still a fan of layers, and while I'm not ashamed by any means to strut a crop top and skirt during the summer, I am in LOVE with layering: kimonos, light sweaters and super oversized tank tops. It's my life's style calling. This roundup features some of my new favorite layer pieces.


Lace Up Roll Sleeve Top | $44.99 via Target

Striped Tank with Split Back | $9.98 via Target





Sleeveless Tie Neck Dress | $9.88 via Target





"Literally Can't" Graphic Muscle Tank | $14.99 via Target





Top with Lace | $29.99 via H&M






V-Neck Jumpsuit | $49.99 via H&M





Slim-fit Pants (Jeans) | $24.99 via H&M






Color-Block Scarf | $12.99 via H&M







Color-Block Poncho | $34.99 via H&M







"Let's Get Lost" Scoop Tee | $28.90 via Torrid






Dot Print Chiffon Blouse | $44.50 via Torrid






Sweater Skater Skirt | $54.90 via Torrid

Which of these looks is your favorite? Share links to your new favorite plus size fashions in the comments! I must pick your brain!