Packing the Perfect Bag for Back to School

How to Pack the Perfect Bag for School

How to Pack the Perfect Bag for School

It's back to school! Even though I have what feels like more "senioritis" than anybody on this planet, I am always excited by the opportunity to select my new book bag and all the essentials that fit in it.

Starting with a trip to Target, plus rummaging through the current items on my desk, I put together the must-have, perfect school bag for returning college (or high school) kids. Of course, my laptop is always the piece that takes up the most room in my bag, but I figured that was implied so I left it out.

My two holy grail favorites are these red and gold beauties from Target. One is a lined journal that says: "Dream," ($7) and the other is a day planner complete with polka dots inside ($14). It was very Kathryn; I had to snatch it up!

Journals are great for when you need to jot down quick notes and other non-school related stuff, and obviously: I would be lost without my planner!

I discovered these super cool highlighters from Sharpie with a see through tip and smear guard for less ink mishaps. I'm not the biggest Post-it Notes gal, so whenever I make note of something in a text, you'll see me coloring everything some sort of neon.

One of the must-haves for school is a USB flash drive, perfect for storing a large amount of files--documents and presentations for all of your assignment needs. This allows you to transfer your work from your home computer to school, and vice versa. If you work all over, libraries and coffee shops should also have a USB port for your drive.

I collect cute little paper clips, binder clips and other little knickknacks just in case I ever need some for paper assignments. I mean, how cute is that kitty clip!?

For my college classes, I carry a lot of textbooks in my bag. Depending on what your classes require, having decorative binders and notebooks are a must when it comes to organizing your stuff.

If your school has restrictions on the type of electronics you can bring, or you just don't want to lug your heavy laptop around, I suggest bringing some sort of a tablet. I have the ancient original iPad 2 that I'm very happy with (even with the crack on the screen). I take notes on my iPad during class and am able to access my favorite apps during breaks.

Here's the fun part: your beauty essentials bag! I always keep a PocketBac (hand sanitizer) with me. You would not BELIEVE the amount of germs found on every campus, and I'm all about anything that keeps me healthy! I chose the PocketBac from Bath & Body Works in their scent "Mad About You" (one of my favorites). Along with my sanitizer, I pop in some lipsticks and my "Ouch Pouch"--a premade first aid kit from GroupHealth. Make your own Ouch Pouch with alcohol wipes and bandaids.

I also pop in a travel size body spray of "Mad About You," deodorant, my favorite gum and plenty of writing utensils. Not pictured: Wite-Out for correcting all your writing mistakes. It's the one thing I forgot to snag at the store!

Also: don't forget your water bottle. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is most important.

What completes your perfect school bag?

How to Pack the Perfect Bag for School

How to Pack the Perfect Bag for School