5 Reasons Why You Should Get Balayage


A couple days ago right before I left for vacation, I replenished my hair with a full balayage and trim experience. Balayage is a hair dye technique that focuses on the artistic process of a stylist sweeping the hair directly, instead of using foils and heat. "Balayage," the French word for "sweeping," allows the stylist more creative freedom and gives the recipient a more natural, subtle overall look.

Two years ago, I began my hair coloring journey when I elected to have ombre, which later turned into balayage as I grew bored of it and wanted to slightly switch things up while preserving the general concept. So, the difference between ombre and balayage: ombre creates a more dramatic color-block look by coloring only the bottom half of the hair (or vice versa), whereas balayage is worked up closer to the face and throughout in gentle streaks, creating a more natural look.

I have never been happier with my hair. Here are five reasons to invest in the hot trend of balayage:

1. You don't need to apply dye to the scalp. Because balayage is simply close to the sides of the face and down throughout the bottom half of the hair, those who are sensitive to hair dyes on their scalp don't need to worry. You will be dye-free!

2. No harmful heat. Balayage utilizes the client's natural body heat to warm the hair and process the dye, avoiding the harmful alternative of bleaching and harsh heat from a regular foil. We all want the healthiest hair possible, am I right!?

3. It's low maintenance. I go in for a full re-color twice a year. Yes, twice a year. Once in the summer and once in the winter. Every 8 weeks I visit my salon to receive glazes that remove the brassy tones from the hair that inevitably occur as the color slowly fades. This allows the hair to receive a pop of lightness without costing you a fortune. Those who choose blonde balayage can also use purple shampoo to lighten the color.

4. Individuality is the name of the game. Due to your stylist's ability to work with a blank canvas and little rules, your hair style, although it is the hottest trend, will be unique from everyone else's. The brush sweeps will not match another stylist's, nor your friend's "do." It's like fingerprints! No two looks are identical in this fad.

5. Quick styling. A simple, 10-minute curl job, top bun and a sleek straighten will all have more personality when you have balayage, allowing for quick styling without much second thought. Have a big event to attend? Fear not! Put a cute braid in your hair and you're good to go.

As far as products that I use, I adore the Kevin.Murphy line. He is a hair GENIUS! Currently in my shower are the Hydrate-Me.Rinse and Hydrate-Me.Wash (the light, lilac purple bottles). *This is not a purple product. If you want the purple shampoo effect, invest in the Blonde.Angel line.

My salon? Moda Capelli in Olympia, Washington. The sweetest gals with the greatest sense of fashion and an endless inspiration. Check out their Facebook page to get hooked up.

What hair trend are you trying for the summer?