Batdorf and Bronson Tasting Room Behind-the-Scenes - Olympia, Wash.

Batdorf and Bronson Tasting Room Tour Review
Batdorf and Bronson Tasting Room Tour Review

Today, I went to the incredible Batdorf and Bronson Tasting Room on Market St. in Olympia, Washington--just one block from the Olympia Farmers Market. Can we talk about how adorable this place is? It's like a little house hidden away with an entire coffee roasting room inside!

"Dancing Goats" is a branch of the Batdorf and Bronson legacy and the name of their signature blend of coffee, so it only seems fitting that two dancing goats would be having fun outside as you approach the doors. The Dancing Goats coffee shop named in honor of this wonderful blend is located across the street in the Market Centre shops.

As you enter, you are greeted by friendly employees who care about the craft coffee experience and process. You're able to taste from their finest coffees and also order bags to stock up, if you wish, in addition to tons of swag--mugs, t-shirts, etc.

They sell coffee makers, canteens, filters, teas and more. What I love so much about the Batdorf mission is this: their "pursuit of excellence" that reaches to the very way they conduct business. Their strong belief in organic, fair trade coffee and of meeting the highest standard within the specialty coffee niche sets them apart from other coffee roasters.

Plus, they work to reduce their environmental footprint by recycling and using 100% renewable energy. It's so great, it's even a favorite of acclaimed actor ("Moulin Rouge!", "Star Wars") Ewan McGregor!

Years back I bought my Moto Guzzi V11 sport from @rendoughty on eBay. We've never met but we keep in touch and he's become a mate. He works for a coffee company called Batdorf and Bronson and he sent me a load of it for our crew to drink here on #americanpastoral It's really good and so I'm giving them a plug. Here it is. "Batdorf & Bronson is really good coffee!" Cheers!

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If you aren't in Olympia or Lacey, Washington, go ahead and visit them at their Atlanta or Decatur, Georgia shops.

Then I got to do something really cool: I got to go behind-the-scenes and see their roasting process first-hand. I saw them add in the beans before roasting and got a peak at the bagging process.

There's so many contraptions in there that I can't even focus!

Craft #coffee in the making--from roasting to bagging at the @batdorfcoffee tasting room. It's magic!

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Guests are able to tour the roasting center during tours every second Wednesday of each month. While touring the production and roasting facility, you also receive a cupping and brewing class. In addition, you'll take home a pound of fresh roasted coffee, a Clever Dripper or a V-60 Hario Dripper with filters so you can make great pour-over coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Tours begin at 10 a.m. and last up to 2 hours, but there's limited space so you need to make reservations early. You can sign up at the tasting room itself, call them (800) 955-5282 ext. 129 or email OLYtours[at]batdorf[dot]com. The tour, classes and included products are $40 per person.

As you taste coffee samples, you can read all about the blends and their history.

This "... but first, COFFEE" mug is definitely my new favorite thing and I picked it up for only $8 in the shop!

I can't believe I never stepped foot in this place before after living here my whole life and totally regret not coming sooner.

Did you go to the tasting room? How did you like it? Leave your experience in the comments!

Batdorf & Bronson Tasting Room 200 Market St. NE Olympia, WA 98501

Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Tasting Room Review
Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Tasting Room Review