3 Ingredients, 3 Beauty Hacks in Under 30 Minutes


I've always been a fan of DIYs--especially beauty hacks. I have a rule for what I eat and what I use: if I can't pronounce an ingredient, I don't use it. Facial cleansers, face masks and other beauty products can irritate my sensitive skin.

I spent some time digging around for three natural beauty hacks on Pinterest using just three ingredients. Just because it's natural does not mean it needs to be expensive or take excessive amounts of time!

What you'll need for these three beauty hacks is activated charcoal, powdered gelatin and coconut oil!

I use all three of these beauty hacks at the same time for the best overall effect. 

Charcoal Teeth Scrub

I've been a fan of activated charcoal for a LONG TIME and I use it for basically everything! 

For this DIY: Grab capsule of activated charcoal and empty it on your teeth. Using a toothbrush to scrub it in, let it soak for 5 minutes. I do this a few times a week and my teeth always look and feel so clean after. You could also add coconut oil to the charcoal for swishing!

Charcoal Peel Away Face Mask

Mix one capsule of activated charcoal with about a half a packet of powdered gelatin. After adding a half tablespoon of water, stir until fully mixed. Microwave until it looks spreadable, usually about 20 seconds. Spread evenly on the parts of your face you need most - I use it on my nose and chin for blackheads. Peel off after 10 - 15 minutes/when it dries. 

Coconut Hair Mask

Craving lusciously healthy, longer hair? This hack is pretty simple: use your hands to work coconut oil through just the ends of your hair. After 20 minutes or so of soaking, use shampoo and conditioner to get the oil fully out of your hair.

What's your favorite beauty hack of these three? Have another to share? Leave your comments below!