Why My Mom is the Best Mom in the World


This Mother's Day, I'm looking back at my wonderful childhood and remembering all the reasons my beautiful and courageous adoptive mother is the best mom in the world!

  • She taught me to never give up on myself and my dreams. Whatever I wanted to do or be, I could achieve it.

  • She told me to be true to myself however I saw fit--my identity would be beautiful and unique. She shares unconditional love that certainly not all mothers have, contrary to popular belief.

  • She showed me what it means to be resilient and strong, dealing with her own share of battles.

  • She encouraged me to pursue a quality education and put me on the path to get there with wonderful alternative education systems.

  • She's there to listen when I'm having a bad day. Back in the day of scary stories (both fictional and my own reality), she allowed me to sleep in her bed and rubbed my back when I had bad dreams.

  • She's always been adamant about being my mom--not my best friend. This makes our relationship quite unique, and while it may not always be what I've ideally dreamt of, it provides me with a sense of security I wouldn't have otherwise.

  • She stuck by me in the darkest of my days. When I couldn't function due to a severe anxiety disorder, my mom always had my back and took me on at home, helping me with school work and online homeschooling.

  • She's never left me behind financially. It's a personal belief of mine that we must provide financially for our children as they journey through college and make a life of their own, and my mom is one that has never wavered in this fashion.

  • Last but not least: she reads my blog. When she can.

Of course there's more to it than this, but these are the things I am grateful for daily and always hope she remembers.

Why are you thankful for your mom today? Leave your gratitude in the comments!