The 20 Articles Every New Blogger Should Read


So, you're a beginner blogger or perhaps you're more seasoned, constantly seeking out ways to improve the good thing that's already going for you. When I started blogging, I did it for fun and for my own hobby and interest.

I didn't think about headline writing techniques, SEO optimization, beautiful imagery and styled photography, or social media community engagement.

Once I began my career in digital marketing, all of these very vital, necessary processes became clear to me and I started vigorously implementing them to my own lifestyle blog, here at Fashionably Frank.

When starting a blog, I cannot stress it enough: YOU. MUST. STAY. AHEAD. OF. THE. GAME! There are millions of blogs out there these days--a crazy comparison to the days when I started my very first blog back in 2009 when there were maybe thousands (or so it felt).

2009 was the year that many of the top newspaper corporations were filing for bankruptcy and employees started getting terminated from their jobs for having opinions and sharing them with the world. In 2016, we are in an age where if you do not have a blog and you consider yourself a creative, you fail to stay relevant and often get lost in the dust.

For those who are beginning bloggers and new at the game, here's a compiled list of the 20 articles that have become the most helpful to me that I refer back to often:

1. 5 Data-Backed Secrets of Social Media's Most Shareable Content via BufferApp

2. How to Make the Most of Your Blog's Footer via Kaleidoscope Design Studio

3. The 5 Blogging Secrets No One Wants You to Know via Jaclyn Mowat

4. How to Use Instagram as a Micro-Blogging Platform via October June

5. How I Dramatically Increased My Traffic with Pinterest via Beautiful Dawn Designs

6. The Secret Formula for SEO Keywords - 10 Ways to Find the Best Keywords for Your Business via Dapper Fox Designs

7. 16 Badass Strategies for Growing Your Email List (plus a free checklist and 3 bonus hacks) via Femtrepreneur

8. 6 Engaging Ways to Humanize Your Online Business via Elle and Company Designs

9. 50 No-Fluff, Content-Rich Blog Post Ideas via Elle and Company Designs

10. The Ultimate Guide to Shooting Beautifully Styled Blog Photos via Wonderlass

11. 19 Things to Do for Your Blog When You Don't Feel Like Doing Anything via The Sits Girls

12. Create Beautiful Blog Images in Photoshop - No Experience Required! via Fashionably Frank

13. How I Grew My Blog by 448% in 3 Months via Spruce Rd.

14. 15 Easy Ways to Grow Your Blog Tribe via Elle and Company Designs

15. 15 Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout via Pinch of Yum

16. 12 Reasons No One is Sharing Your Posts via Mommy Blogger Academy

17. 8 Ways to Brand Your Pinterest + Gain More Followers! via Rekita Nicole

18. Squarespace 101: Setting Up & Choosing a Template via Rekita Nicole (Caitlin from Beckon House Design Co.)

19. Are You Overlooking This Important Aspect of Branding? via Elle and Company Designs

20. 10 Steps to Having a Successful Blog via Fashionably Frank

What are your favorite newbie blogger articles? Link them in the comments!