How To: Choose the Greatest, Most Kickass Blog Name


So, you've decided to start a blog? I couldn't be happier for you and can't wait for you to experience the amazing journey you're about to embark on! Once you launch, be sure to come back here and leave a comment with the blog title you chose--I'd love to hear about your learning moments and successes (us bloggers gotta stick together!).

I've compiled a list of questions to ask yourself when thinking of the ideal name (or title) for your blog.

First and foremost, a blog name should be personal and not copied from somebody else. I am aware there is a second "Fashionably Frank" blog created years after mine. I've done my research and while I see why this author chose the title, they could've done a Google search and made sure that nobody else was using this blog name first. Personally, I wouldn't want to have a .net address and inferior brand. A). Everyone assumes your site is .com unless you remind them, and b). Branding is literally EVERYTHING.

Therefore, here's my first piece of advice: pick something that you can own as a top domain and claim the rights to--don't live in someone else's shadow. We all have names that resonate with us, but there can only be one brand for each and "Blogger Code" remains: first come, first serve. Don't be that person. I would also recommend solidifying both the .com and .net domains for your site (a mistake I made and have since learned from).

Now, let's jump into the list of questions you should ask yourself when choosing a blog name:

  • Is it unique (not cliche or a rip-off)?

  • Is it fun (not boring)?

  • Is it a joke everyone can get (not "inside joke")?

  • Is it easy for others to understand?

  • Is it easy to say/spell?

  • Is it easy to explain?

  • Is it emotion-evoking?

Here's the story behind "Fashionably Frank":

When I was thinking of blog names, I wanted something cutesy that rhymed but also wasn't cliche. I knew I wanted to incorporate "fashion" or something to do with style. I also knew I needed to speak to the nature of my character and what's most important to me in my life--honesty being something I cherish in both myself and others. So, I'm fashionable and I'm frank! "Fashionably Frank" is so much a philosophical motto of how I conduct myself in my life--I strive to always dress fashion-forward while living frankly and true to who I am/what I want from life.

At the end of the day, you must choose something that resonates with you and that you feel proud of and are sure best represents you.

Good luck! Go forth and conquer!