8 Reasons You Should Have a Blog Newsletter


Hi, fellow bloggers! If you're just starting out and have no idea what a blog newsletter is, allow me to introduce you to my new best friend: MailChimp. Forget Constant Contact, forget any other mail delivery system. MailChimp is THE PLACE to be!

In all seriousness, no matter what mailing system you use, an electronic, email blog newsletter is a necessity for all blogs. Emma and I use our e-newsletter to keep our readers involved and interested, as well as deliver relevant information AND cultivate a tribe.

There's many, many reasons why you should consider investing in a blog newsletter, even if it's simply once every other week. Here's a few of the top reasons:


Let's face it: people aren't simply waiting around until you publish another blog post. Having a blog newsletter is a fantastic way to keep your readers involved and updated. In our weekly newsletter, Emma and I send out a recap of the week prior, along with the post topics for the next week, allowing our readers to check back on particular days for the topics they are interested in. Your readers will thank you later for this act of kindness.


Particularly in bite-sized chunks. Perhaps there's a topic that you'd love to share about, but don't have enough material to write an entire post on it. This is a perfect opportunity to offer fresh and exciting content to your tribe that you might otherwise not.


While we shouldn't base our worth off our subscriber count, it is everything and anything in the marketing world and oftentimes, brands care about this before they partner with your blog. In this day in age, it matters what your count is and what your media kit has to offer brands and businesses. Growing your list is a fabulous way to keep up with your partnerships and garner a well-received reputation in the blogosphere.


Our tribe means THE WORLD to us. Our tribe may be small, but fierce. Other than the superficial reasons for growing a subscriber count, building a meaningful and purposeful tribe is so much more important. No matter how many people you have at the end of the day, attracting the right people who use the items you're offering within your niche is what it's all about.


One of my favorite things to do is offer freebies to my blog newsletter subscribers, and it's also one of the top reasons I sign up for so many of my favorite bloggers' newsletters. Being kind and offering works for free, whether they be stock photos, downloadable freebies or artwork, makes us all feel great - both the giver and the receiver! It's nice to simply be nice once in a while!


You can use your blog newsletter as a place to receive feedback. Create a poll, ask an open-ended question and request that your readers reply to the email and share their thoughts, you name it. If there's something you want to know, ASK!


One of the ways you can ensure your readers will build respect and loyalty for you is by establishing consistency, which you can do through your e-newsletter! Setting a specific time of the day and day of the week in which you send your newsletter will get people excited and solidify the idea that your tribe can depend on you to provide them with a free hack or tip!


You could lose your blog. You could lose everything. You could face unexpected censorship on any blog hosting platform at any time. You could lose your stamina on social media and fail to have your posts show up in your readers' news feeds. Okay, so we're really catastrophizing, but it could happen.

But: you will never lose control over your email list. Once you grow this list, it is yours... for good. Your readers will not be able to ignore your emails (well, they could, but they'll see them in their inbox before they choose to ignore them) and you can choose what you do and don't say in your message. This may be the number one reason to invest in an e-newsletter as a preventative measure - even if you ignore the other seven reasons.

Do you have a blog newsletter? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments!

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