50 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Pink and Gold - Rekita Nicole

If you're a blogger, it's common that you'll experience some sort of unknowing when it comes to blog post ideas. Heck, I even wrote a blog post about how I generate content on a regular basis (and one of the steps is to check other people's lists of prompts)!

Prompts are simply one of the ways in which bloggers discover new blog post ideas, and it's certainly one of my favorite ways to do so. As lifestyle bloggers, we're able to bend and try new topics or categories nearly anytime we want.

Personally, I couldn't be a niche blogger. While you could say my personal niche is marketing, social media and blogging, or fashion, or general life hacks, you couldn't pin-point one niche that makes up the Fashionably Frank brand. Emma and I have created something called an "umbrella brand" - our niches come together to create a universal brand that is pegged a lifestyle brand.

Niche blogging works very well for some people who provide an expertise in a particular type of profession or hobby. On many occasions I have considered starting a marketing-specific blog on my business website, but haven't ever pursued it (I'm sure you're aware - blogging takes a LOT of work and I just don't have time for that!).

Today, I'm sharing 50 blog post ideas (topics, prompts, whatever you wanna call them) for the lifestyle bloggers out there! When you're done reading, I thoroughly encourage you to comment below with your favorite topics and prompts so we can all help each other!

1. Write about the moment you realized what your life's purpose/true calling was.
2. Share the inner workings of your favorite hobby.
3. Detail your favorite childhood vacation.
4. Give hacks + tips for someone aspiring to join your career field.
5. Share your religious (or non-religious) experience.
6. Recap your favorite nail polish colors.
7. Do a roundup of your favorite fashion pieces from the season.
8. Try all the Starbucks "rainbow drinks" (pink drink, blue drink, etc.) and do a great big review.
9. Do a recap of your favorite reality shows and why.
10. Or, if you hate reality TV, write a piece about why.
11. Write about why you started blogging, or what your favorite parts of blogging are.
12. Create a review of the last movie you saw.
13. Invent a new series about a topic you love, or a series of everyday lessons you've learned.
14. Reveal the top 15 pieces of wisdom you learned from a grandparent or parent.
15. Form a listicle of your favorite Pinterest beauty DIYs or another favorite topic.
16. Round up your typical beauty routine and your must-have items.
17. Give your tutorial on how you edit your Instagram photos.
18. Highlight all the best things about your favorite sports team (or why you don't watch sports).
19. Publish your favorite cocktail recipe (or refer people to the blog where it can be found).
20. Share your deal breakers in a relationship and why these mean something to you.
21. Craft an open letter to someone who positively (or negatively) impacted your life.
22. Give a play-by-play of an awards show while it's happening and what your reactions are.
23. Compile a round-up of your favorite mobile apps.
24. Suggest the prettiest, most inspirational Instagram feeds that you love following.
25. Dish on your most embarrassing moment! C'mon, we've all had one...
26. Pick one of your most beloved morals and share why this is so dear to you.
27. Write a letter for your future child (or current child).
28. Detail a pet and why they mean/meant so much to you.
29. Explain one of your biggest disappointments or "failures" in life thus far and what you learned from it.
30. List your favorite TED Talk videos and what big picture takeaways you received from each.
31. Create an infographic about something you have expertise in.
32. Highlight your must-have, favorite products of the month.
33. Tell the stories of your most inspirational role models and motivational figures.
34. Advise as to how to throw the raddest party!
35. Compile a list of your all-time favorite podcasts.
36. Share your favorite rainy day (or sunny day) activities.
37. Recap what lessons you've received from your favorite mentor or role model.
38. Write a letter to your younger self with the lessons you wish you could've known.
39. Detail a large project you're currently scheming up.
40. Explain the reasoning behind your blog name and why you blog about what you do.
41. Provide meaning to your family traditions and which traditions you did carry on or wish to carry on in your future.
42. Take a past blog post of yours and chop it up, rewrite it, add to it.
43. Give people ideas on how to get active and avoid technology for at least a little bit.
44. Share what you hope your funeral or celebration of a life will be like, what song you'd like played, who you'd like to speak and why.
45. List your very favorite bloggers (and give the links to their blogs). Remember: #CommunityOverCompetition!
46. Take photos of your favorite room in your space and detail your interior decor choices.
47. Create a freebie to giveaway and use it to gain blog newsletter subscriptions.
48. Do a roundup of your most popular (most commented, most read) older blog posts.
49. Give your best hacks and tips for how you promote your blog and how other newbie bloggers can do the same.
50. Start a book club series and read/review one book each month.

Are you blogging about any of the above? Have more prompts to add? Comment, comment!