33 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas for Summer

Blog Post Prompts for Summer

Keeping up with a lifestyle blog regularly can be difficult (I mean, exhibit A: me!). One of my favorite handy dandy hacks is using lists of blog post ideas (prompts) to inspire and motivate me. I find a lot of these on Pinterest and shared my first list last year, which blew up in popularity and suddenly new posts were in high demand! So... here's a new list chock-full of blog post prompts for summer. Thanks for waiting!

1. A roundup of your favorite, most commonly ordered Starbucks drinks.
2. How you take your cute summer Instagram photos (filters, crops, etc.).
3. 10 things you've become grateful for this summer.
4. 7 takeaways from your last job that you're glad you learned.
5. Your ___ (enter year) travel bucket list.
6.  Your favorite memory of family summer vacation.
7. The 13 best fashion trends for summer.
8. Anything you might be allergic or sensitive to - list the funky things that make you unique!
9. Your experience with personal ancestry (or Ancestry.com) or family history.
10. Your next vacation on the horizon and all the fun spots you plan to hit up.
11. Cheap (or free) ways to cool off from the summer heat.
12. Roundup of your favorite juice bar drink combinations (such as the so famous "green juice").
13. List of your all-time fave gaming apps to keep you occupied during the summer months.
14. 40 of your favorite inspirational quotes that truly capture the summer spirit.
15. Share your latest reading list and review your favorites (or explain your summer reading goals).
16. Like #15, start a reading challenge. Encourage others to get their readin' on, too!
17. Your favorite summer workouts and the cute clothes you love to workout in.
18. Provide your go-to hacks for staying cool and relaxing this summer.
19. 19 best summer BBQ Pinterest recipes.
20. For fellow bloggers: share your favorite places in your city to get outdoors and blog!
21. Create your own cold dish recipe to beat the heat.
22. A list of the best all-natural sunscreens.
23. Jot down a list of your ultimate summer life goals (they can be all sorts of things!).
24. Or, jot down a list of your life goals for fall (for the folk who think ahead like me :) ).
25. 13 of the most delicious summertime cocktail Pinterest recipes.
26. Your fave magazines for light summer hammock reading.
27. The neatest places to travel with pets.
28. 9 easy and unique summer job ideas.
29. Summertime always sees a rise in crime rates: write about 6 positive news stories that give you feels.
30. 27 quick and easy hair style tutorials for a no-fuss summer.
31. Try taking a photo each day for the entire summer and blog about it.
32. Your self-tanning routine.
33. Back to school - a story from past (or current) years in school, a memory of your kiddos, a roundup of the best school supplies or outfits, fashion trends in the fall, you name it!

All of these post ideas should be ultimately tailored to your audience and your life, girl, because your life will be different from mine obviously and that's what makes your blog so special!


Which of these are you most excited to give a spin on your blog? Once you hit Publish, I'd love to read! Comment below with links to your blog posts :)

Blog Post Prompts for Summer




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