How to Create a Beautiful Blog Post Magazine Layout on Squarespace


Just started on Squarespace, but not happy with the blog layout provided in your theme of choice? I feel ya! With lots of experimentation, I became comfortable enough with Squarespace and got to the point where I could create pretty much any blog layout I craved! Here's how to create a blog post magazine layout on Squarespace blogs...

No more ugly mini excerpt + tiny square image blog page layouts allowed! After you complete this tutorial, you will have a beautiful magazine layout page to entice visitors.

First things first: login to your Squarespace account and pull up the website.

You'll want to go to your Squarespace website's main navigation area and click on the dark plus sign ( + ), then hit "Page" under Create a New Page.

Create a "Blank" starter layout page. Name this new page "Blog", "Blog Posts" or whatever you'd like the page title to be listed as in your navigation.

Begin by editing your new page and selecting a "Grid" layout under "Summary" blocks.

When prompted in the Summary block, choose "Blog" as the display "Content" option. Under "Display", you are able to sort by category and tag, if needed. Say, you want one page for each of your categories, you can certainly do it this way, too!

In your Summary block settings, make sure that you set your image size to 2:3 Standard (Vertical). You can play around with these settings if you'd like your images to display at different sizes than the traditional vertical. I like traditional vertical because my blog post images are created for Pinterest, which uses a similar ratio.

TA-DA! Now it looks like a beautiful magazine layout. I prefer to keep all meta data off my page (no date, post title, excerpt, etc.) considering the fact that my blog post images clearly state what each blog post is about, but you can choose what best suits your needs.

Make sure you change the page URL afterwards - this should be something simple like "/blog-posts" or "/blog-2" (I prefer cleaner URLs without numbers, that's why I chose /blog-posts) that still makes clear what the content of the page is. You won't be able to use "/blog" or whatever you designated as your main blog's slug.

After you've finished setting up your magazine layout, just make sure you aren't linking anywhere to your main blog's page ("/blog") or else readers will be sent to the default blog listing and not your magazine layout page! You can do this by ensuring that your main blog is underneath the "Not Linked" pages in your navigation panel.

Am I making sense? I'd love to help out + answer any further questions in the comments!
Good luck building your beautiful blog magazine layout! Go get 'em!



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