My Story of Blogger's Block: Living (and Writing) Vulnerably

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I'm not the kind of gal to necessarily believe in (or experience) "writer's block", per se, but I definitely deal with the fears of writing adequately enough to run a blog, as humble and small as mine may be.

Why do we constantly expect a higher standard from ourselves than we do from others? It's okay if that person makes a mistake, misses a week of posting hilarious or inspiring tidbits, but if we do, it's a mental guilt, scolding us to correct the mistake and do better.

The problem with forcing a blog, or any pursuit for that matter, is that you lose your passion to write about what you love. Since the age of 14, I've been following superstar bloggers like Karen Cheng and Tina Su who craft sentimentally, as well as aesthetically appealing blog posts and websites, never failing to deliver shiny new posts to their followers. These posts, receiving applause and hundreds of comments and "likes".

I suppose I crave that recognition. I crave speaking and being heard. I crave sharing my message and touching a life and soul that feels where I'm coming from. I've been judged from certain posts I've written in my five on-and-off years as a blogger, and unrightfully so. We all have a unique lens through which we view the world--an individual "script", so to speak. These scripts tell the stories of our experiences, they paint the reality of our worlds, and expose our deepest vulnerabilities.

Along with transparency and honesty, which I quite frankly find to be the most valuable trait a human being can possess, these lenses can always be shared to uplift others. To present allies, as well as enemies. They can speak the truths about which sides particular individuals stand with, and can create dialogue to help us better empathize with our neighbors--equally feeling, convicted, convinced, passionate humans with bright ideas and strong scripts.

When I designed the title for this blog, I came upon the "frank" half from my raw nature and tell-it-like-it-is-whether-you-like-me-or-not way of living my life. I truly would rather live transparently and truthfully, aware of my world's curses and blessings instead of blinded in a state of deception by others. I strive (almost) weekly to provide content on this site from that place in my spirit.

I am ever-grateful to those of you who have followed me since post one and either challenged me/had my back. I am trying to create a space that lives up to my goals, and that's the best I can give to you and to myself at this point. This blog is about discovery, a metamorphosis. I'm inching closer each day. If you stick with me, I promise: we'll get there.