Cinnamon Coffee Homemade Frap Recipe


During your summertime late night girls' nights, what's better than some coffee AND ice cream to stay cool and productive!?

BFF Sydney and I often stay up burning the midnight oil! We have a friend, Lanae who makes delicious homemade ice cream and we used some of her coffee ice cream to dream up a delicious concoction.



  • 1.5-2 cups cold brew

  • very generous scoop of thuthies coffee ice cream (or coffee ice cream of your choice)

  • .5 cup nonfat milk

  • a dash of your favorite creamer is optional - salted caramel

  • 2-3 ice cubes

  • a dash of cinnamon


Blend it up and enjoy!

Good for: late night working with your girlfriends, breakfast of champions or a mid-day summer cool-down and pick-me-up! ;)

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