A City on a Dime: Honolulu, Hawaii

City on a Dime: Honolulu, Hawaii

This summer I was really lucky to have to opportunity to visit Honolulu, Hawaii for work a handful of times! I’m a flight attendant on call so where I go every day ends up being a big mystery until sometimes as little as two hours before! A City on a Dime: Honolulu, Hawaii is your travel guide to saving your cash and vacationing affordably.

Hawaii is my favorite place to get called to and I’ve fallen in love with the different islands for different reasons over the past year. Parts of Honolulu is a city and at first I wasn’t a big fan of laying over there, because we stay in Waikiki and I felt like it didn’t “feel” like the Hawaii I love. It turned out that I needed to learn to love that city for different reasons - it is its own special place! If you get to experience the island of Oahu, here’s my top list for the most cost-effective things to do:

1. USS Arizona National Memorial in Pearl Harbor.

2. Free fireworks show from Waikiki Beach on Friday nights.

3. Lace up your boots and hike Diamond Head!

4. Go snorkeling! Rent gear or get some cheap from the ABC Store!

5. Picnic on the beach! My personal favorite activity.

6. Waikiki Aquarium - $12 entry.

7. Find a Dole Whip stand.

8. King’s Village Farmers Market in Waikiki.


What are your favorite, cheap things to do in Honolulu?

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"A City on a Dime" is a series written by Emma detailing all her fave, budget-friendly things to do and see in various cities around the world. Have a request? Leave it in the comments! Being a newly crowned flight attendant, who knows where her career will take her next! Click here to read more "A City on a Dime" posts.

City on a Dime: Honolulu, Hawaii




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