A City On a Dime: London, England


Traveling can be extremely expensive! It's seen as a luxury, but seeing the world and creating incredible experiences shouldn't be just a treat for those who can afford to live lavishly! A City on a Dime is my series to encourage you to think outside the box and travel on just a dime.

I'm a big budgeting traveler; I'm always on Expedia or Kayak checking out the latest drop-in fares or hotel prices. What about after arrival? A large amount of what we often spend on trips goes to activities and sight seeing while we're there.

I've gone to quite a few cities on my various travels and I always make a list of my favorite free attractions! Make sure to always do your research online before you go - I like to check Trip Advisor, Google and Groupon reviews. 

I lived in London, England from August 2013 - August 2014, and again from September-October 2015. It was one of the best things I've ever done and I love London with all my heart. Although London is a beautiful city, it's also extremely expensive!

Here's my top things to do in London on just a dime!


London has many beautiful museums, and most of them have free entry, including:

V&A Museums
Natural History Museum
British Museum
Museum of London
Science Museum
National Gallery

Among many others!


An iconic thing to see in London!
*Big Ben is the name of the bell and Elizabeth Tower is the name of the actual building. 


Seeing this building is completely free, but you do need to pay for a ticket if you want to go inside. I was content with staying outside, and enjoying the various plaques to read. Also, this is nearby the Tower Bridge (commonly mistaken as the "London Bridge").


I've done this totally free walking tour. It's around 2 hours and takes you to a ton of great spots with lots of information and history as you go. I then went and bought another tour through this company that I ended up doing twice! I highly recommend any of their tours in any of their cities.


My favorite thing to do in London is pop over to Camden on the weekends and visit the market. You can find plenty of food, street performances and shopping!

What would you do on this list? What are you planning for YOUR next trip!?


"A City on a Dime" is a series written by Emma detailing all her fave, budget-friendly things to do and see in various cities around the world. Have a request? Leave it in the comments! Being a newly crowned flight attendant, who knows where her career will take her next! Click here to read more "A City on a Dime" posts.