Spring Cleaning Best Practices: Steps for Organizing and Purging Your Closet

Spring Cleaning How To Organize and Purge Your Closet
Spring Cleaning How To Organize and Purge Your Closet

Ladies, it's time for a serious PURGE!  Closet purge, that is. I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a clothing addict. I can't seem to escape a good deal or a cute top. Or handbag. Don't get me started on the handbags.  Organizing and purging your closet is necessary in these spring months, that way when summer rolls around, you're automatically set!

I've found that a variety of techniques have worked to help me purge, then stay organized after cleaning house.

First, to purge:

  • Piles Galore: As Who What Wear shares, you need to make some piles! The first pile is things that fit you well, you love and wear often. The second pile is things you want to keep but aren't sure the reasoning behind why. The third pile is things to give away that either don't fit anymore or you've grown out of the style. And finally, a fourth pile for items that are a bit janky and aren't in the best of condition anymore--these aren't worth donating; they just need to be trashed.
  • Motivation Jeans: I'm a big believer in accepting your body for whatever size you've been given (or whatever size it's momentarily at--perhaps you're weighing a bit less or more than your typical range), so I tend to stray away from the belief that we should keep "motivation jeans" or "when I'm bigger tops". However, if you're truly believing that your normal weight is drastically different and some of your favorite pieces aren't fitting right at this very second, I'm okay with keeping one or two items I just can't seem to part with quite yet.
  • Generally: get rid of anything you're too old for, that doesn't suit your current career/aren't versatile pieces and anything that makes you feel self-conscious. All us ladies deserve to feel super sexy and your size does not determine your worth of sexiness--only how you feel in the fabric! This doesn't mean you have to throw away sentimental pieces (they're excluded for this purpose).

Now, to organize:

  • ROYGBIV it Up! I'm a BIG believer in organizing by color coding, or ROYGBIV (Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Indigo / Violet). I worked in retail fashion for far too long and became accustomed to the ROYGBIV system. Depending on how I feel, sometimes I really want to wear a particular piece, and other days I'm really feelin' a particular color. This allows me to easily access my favorite pieces.
  • Piece it Together: At one point, I may have even organized my closet by fabric type, but now I just organize by the type of piece (crop top, t-shirt, blouse, etc.). This is a good method that works for me when I'm trying to match two pieces. Of course, naturally a crop top fits with a maxi skirt and not a pair of leggings. I'm able to redirect myself on days when I think everything is pretty much too cute.
  • Top or Bottom? Of course, similar to cuts and types, make sure to separate tops from dresses and dresses from pants, as usual. All bottoms in one area, all tops in another and so forth.
  • Move Aside! Anything that doesn't fit in with the current season (or trends, if you care about that sort of thing), push it aside and allow it to take a back seat until the season comes back, or the trend comes back, if you wish for it hard enough! Luckily, I've noticed that a lot of my favorite trends are pretty timeless at the moment (like kimonos, for example), at least for a five-ten year time period of mall fashion standards. And you know me, girl--I'm about that mall fashion! 

What tips do you have for purging and organizing? Share your insights in the comments!

Organize and Purge Your Closet for Spring
Organize and Purge Your Closet for Spring