ColourPop Haul: The Best Lip Shades for Fall 2016

Are you looking for the perfect fall lipsticks? You came to the right place! Today, I'm sharing my favorite shades from my ColourPop haul. ColourPop is a makeup brand that provides extremely affordable looks. The other day, I participated in their Spend $30, Get Free Shipping sale.

Because I had never tried the brand before, but had heard good things from a Facebook friend who works at Ulta and is pretty much a makeup genius, I went all in on the $30 price tag, however I did restrain from $60 to ensure I liked the brand before I ordered a ton!

All I can say is: I should've went in on $60. I LOVE COLOURPOP!

You're not going to believe it: ColourPop lipsticks are $6 EACH! No, I'm not lying. When I was choosing my lip colors, I bought 3 singles and then opted for one of their "Value Sets" which gives you 3 lipsticks for just $15. I don't regret it. While there's probably only one other Value Set from which I don't have any of the colors, I will totally snag that one up when I can!

I had heard mixed reviews about their Ultra Matte Lip vs. their Ultra Satin Lip. Some believe the Ultra Matte is way too drying, but I can't get enough! I've always hated lip gloss products and try to aspire for that iconic Kylie Jenner matte look - this is the perfect, affordable way to achieve it. 

Everyone's lips are different and there's no way to know whether your lips will dry out too easily from the mattes. If you know you dry harshly already, I'd suggest investing more in the Ultra Satin. I love Burt's Bees products in terms of finding a good lip balm. If you apply a balm when you're not wearing a statement lip/sleeping, this should ensure that your lips stay hydrated and ready.

Okay, let's get into the fun stuff! I've prepared a swatch list for you below. This photo is slightly lightened/deepened, but there is no filter, attempting to show you the swatches in accurate, natural lighting. Keep in mind, I have very fair, "porcelain ivory", whatever you want to call it skin (the Mexican genes skipped me in everything except for hair growth, clearly).

My favorites (OBVIOUSLY) are Times Square and LAX. I cannot deal with how beautiful these shades are! Times Square is your staple pinkish brown (what some might incorrectly call "nude"), while LAX is a gorg deep burgundy.

Here's the links to where you can purchase these on the ColourPop website:

HUTCH | A deep blackened violet - Ultra Satin
BARACUDA | A warm deepened rose - Ultra Satin
VIPER | A true dusty rose - Ultra Matte
LAX | A vampy blackened red - Ultra Matte
TIMES SQUARE | A muted pink beige - Ultra Matte
KAPOW | A muted grey taupe - Ultra Matte
Value Set: "Out and About" ft. Viper, Times Square and Baracuda

Girl, I am all about those red/brown tones for fall! These are by far my favorite looks for fall matched with a beautiful highlighter and bronzer ;)

Which color(s) will you be ordering right away? Any recommendations of what I should get next!? Sound off in the comments!





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