How to Survive a Comic Convention


I'm a huge nerd for pop culture, comic books and movies. Since I was about 14 years old, I enjoyed expressing my love for all things nerdy by attending comic conventions. I don't attend as many as I want to - about one or two a year, but when I do go, I always have a great time!

A comic convention is an organized event with places to shop for merchandise or art, panels to learn about various things in pop culture or crafting and usually some celebrity guests are in attendance. Conventions are also a great place to cosplay (costume play) dressing up as your favorite characters from movies and television.

There's also conventions for anime, specific television shows (Supernatural Con, Teen Wolf Con, among many others), or general comic conventions. 

Cosplay is one of my favorite things about attending conventions, I love to craft, create, design and sew most of the things I wear myself! Another thing I love about attending is being able to spend time with friends and meet new friends that share the same interests that I do.

My first ever convention was a Portland-based anime convention called Kumoricon; I attended with a group of friends. It's what made me fall in love with attending conventions with other people! 

Yesterday, Sept. 10, I attended Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon with one of my best friends, Caitlin. I wore my winter outfit for Anna from Frozen, and I pulled together an Ariel cosplay for Caitlin to wear from things I already had around the house. 

This convention is one we've attended before, and has lots of food options and some really fun vendors! It was an exhausting con, and reminded me of all my best tips I could share!

If you're planning on trying out a comic convention, here's my best tips and tricks to surviving and making the most out of your time!


I feel like this is a no-brainer, but this weekend I made one of the biggest mistakes you could make: I wore the black boots (on the left in the photo above) that I painted to work for my cosplay... huge mistake.

The boots were a size too small for my feet and were killing me even before we arrived. I also forgot to bring extra flats so I was stuck in them all day. 

I also painted them to be accurate, and the paint kept coming off all day. When I removed them (with much struggle involved), they left my hands stained black!

As Caitlin said, "My dogs are barking!" 


Usually at conventions, you'll be able to get the full time table of what is going on where. The con's website is also a great resource for celebrity guests, meet and greets, as well as any last minute schedule changes that might occur. 

Also, go through Artists Alley's and vendor booths as many times as you can; I always miss things the first time around!


Don't feel like you need to experience every little thing--sometimes the best part of a con is sitting and watching all the amazing costumes go by!

I've met some great people this way and you'll always be surprised at what you'll see. 


I always bring a little battery pack to conventions, as you never want to rely on there being wall outlets for charging. 

You don't want to miss any of the action if your phone dies! I got the photo above with a really sweet Elsa that I met :)


If you plan on buying anything in the shopping area, be sure to bring cash! More booths are accepting card now, but I always bring some paper to be safe. 


This sounds obvious, but make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks with you. The day will be long and you don't want to spend a fortune at food vendors or restaurants!

Conventions are a great way to meet people, be creative and find things you never would have thought of! What convention is first on your list?