Discover Your Work Communication Style + How to Use it to Your Advantage


Are you ready to solve the mystery of your work communication style!? Today, I'm telling how you can leverage this communication style to your advantage and how to better mesh with your coworkers or employees.

During a training session at one of my places of employment, we took an exam that helped us better prepare for communication across departments and how to become more familiar with our own assets and downfalls.

Ever since this session, I have felt a lot more competent in my personal ability to realize my pros and cons, as well as the pros and cons of those around me. It's not about pointing fingers at who "the problem" is, but about working together, leading with your strengths in order to complement each other.

The following is a list of four communication styles that may help you best define how to seek personal growth in the workplace:


Someone who is focused on the results and may be an idealistic thinker about matters of the future. Working hard to achieve their goals, they are fearless leaders and can be seen as abrasive and outspoken at times. Famous directors include Donald Trump, Michael Jordan and Queen Elizabeth II.

Here's some ways you can best strengthen your assets:

  • Work better at appreciating your coworkers and all they do - stop demanding.

  • Pay more attention to the deeper, emotional sides of others - the humanity!

  • You are a goal-oriented person - stop expecting the same of others and use this as your highlight.

  • Be patient and slow down!


Someone who is incredibly energetic and excited about life and what it has to offer. They are great in front of a crowd or on a stage, but can be hard to keep to only one task and are often all-around pleasers in terms of what they add to their plate in order to prove themselves to others. Famous presenters include Bill Clinton, Jay Leno and Robin Williams.

Here's some ways you can best strengthen your assets:

  • Stop doing everything for others - part of the learning process is letting them be hands-on.

  • Work on completing your tasks and hold yourself accountable by showing others how to do the same.

  • You enjoy being the center of attention - be aware that not everyone else enjoys this equally.

  • Allow others to speak and work on how you can better listen.


Someone who seems to like everyone and is seemingly liked by everyone. They may not be exclusively extroverted, but enjoy helping, healing and assisting others to bring out the best in them. However, their reserved communication style can cause conflicts and misunderstandings with those around them. They are big believers in the concept that trust is the foundation for any good relationship - especially at work. Famous mediators include Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi and Princess Diana.

Here's some ways you can best strengthen your assets:

  • Indulge in any task that can improve your experience of creativity - you are stellar at it!

  • You might have trouble setting and sticking to goals. Work to strengthen this skill.

  • Redirect yourself to thinking more about the business side of things, you may get too wrapped up in the people side of issues to the point where it clouds your judgement.

  • Stray away from allowing others to depend fully on you - create boundaries and hold yourself back from doing the work for others.


Someone who is incredibly perfectionistic, true to the task and on top of all the big (and little) things around their workplace. They hate making mistakes and it's difficult for them to admit their wrongdoings, but they are trustworthy workers and won't quit until they finish the job! Famous strategizers include Bill Gates, Al Gore and Spock (Star Trek, fictional character).

Here's some ways you can best strengthen your assets:

  • You may not notice it, but you might not be giving others credit where credit is due. Work at complimenting others for a job well done.

  • Become more personable and show the deeper sides to yourself to your coworkers - you may become too data-entrenched.

  • Hone in on the task at hand and stop concerning yourself with too many details that will more so distract you as opposed to increasing your productivity.

  • Your creativity may be lacking - engage in projects that will bring out this side in you.

Which style do you think you sound most like? Have using these techniques worked for you in the workplace? Leave your reactions!



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